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max size wire for the HPWC

Does anyone know the max gauge wire the HPWC will accept. The installation manual mentions the ground
wire will only accept up to #4AWG, but they don't explicitly talk about the main contacts. Normally for 100
amp service you need #3 wire in Cu. But for a long run, #2 will have less voltage drop. Anyone know
what those lugs will take?

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I used #4 for the hot wires and there was not a lot of extra space. I doubt that #2 copper will fit.


@JackB | JANUARY 26, 2013: I used #4 for the hot wires and there was not a lot of extra space.

The installation instruction say, "For most branch circuits of 100A, use 3 AWG (26.7 mm2), 167°F (75°C) copper wire. Ground wiring can be a maximum of 4 AWG. If your ground wiring does not fit into the bus, use a wire nut or other suitable connection method. For installations less than 100A, use conductors that are sized according to local electrical codes."

I used 3AWG and it was the max the terminal would take.
I can confirm that the ground will only take up to 4 AWG

It is a tight fit to get every thing connected..

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