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Mega breakthrough

Super-efficient heat recovery?
Giant Thermoelectric Effect from Transmission Supernodes. Justin Bergfield, Michelle Solis, and Charles Stafford. ACS Nano Sept. 2010.

OK, this is beyond huge. Micron-thick ultra-efficient thermo-electrics? Let your imagination run wild.

wow this is darn cool. and like the article said, it wont only be limited to automobiles. but for Tesla it will definitely be something big to consider!

Thorium is nice, really cheap fusion is nicer.

Check out and . It could be hitting the world markets in under 5 years, at 1/20 the best current N.A. retail capital and output costs.

Everything else is then just economic roadkill.

But I agree thorium reactors to eat up old wastes would be a good idea.

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