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Model S annual service plan

I am not sure if this topic has been covered in any thread: has any MS owners taken one of the annual service plans offered by TM? Can you share your thought on why or why not you take the plan.

Not available yet.


I believe it is available now. Please see the link: TM says that for four year plans, if we want, we must purchase it within 30 days of our MS delivery.

that's right - inquired about that as well to my DS a few days ago- not yet available but soon. TM will probably send an email out to all of us when it comes to market.

They said they would send out an email to everyone who has received their car. I believe we'll have 30 days from receipt of the email to purchase the plan.

The plans are on the website, but no one seems to want to take money for them. Strange.

Relax, you'll be able to spend more money soon enough. Enjoy the grace period.

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