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Model S Insurance

Progressive-State Farm-Farmers Insurance are the only companies that seem to know of Tesla Motors' existence. I need an Insurer other than those three. It's configure time...Help!

Ameriprise Insurance didn't know the car either, but they gave me a quote based on its retail value. You can get them through Costco.

I got mine from Geico. They know the Model S and they know of the different models (performance vs standard) and battery types (at least 85 and 60).

I am insured with Nationwide Insurance. Great rate

@HansJ, would you mind sharing what Geico quoted you? I'm going to reach out to them as well and would love something to compare with. Thanks!

My Geico rate was around $93 a month with roadside assistance. The insurance companies all seem to have different rates depending on which state you are in. What I really like about Geico is they understand Tesla's security system and battery options. Others just price the insurance as a performance model.

I am getting a 60kWh car. I think I had the deduct at $1000. That price included my wife's 12 year old Toyota Echo but that thing is dirt cheap to insure.

PenFed, Navy Fed. If you're not mil. or related, a small donation to their charities will do.

You can go to and it'll give you an estimate based on your config. I live in northern california and it gave me a quote of ~1250/yr.

OK, just called them myself. Geico quoted me $520 for 6 months, so $1040 for the year for a 2013 85 kWh Model S. My deductible is $250. I pass on the roadside and rental car. I have 2 other cars so it doesn't quite make sense. Hope that helps! Thanks for sharing, that was helpful. (I'm in MD).

Wish I could edit my comment, I'm just curious -- for those who have already insured their cars, did anyone confirm that the insurer will indeed cover the battery fully? When I signed off on my paperwork, it said to check if the battery and similar components would be fully covered... that part was a bit alarming. I hope so! They cover all the parts of my current vehicles.

I have Mercury and the rate is outrageous. With no points on my license and every discount you can get, it is still $2600/year with $1000 deductible in Thousand Oaks (91362). I have the P85 and since they don't have operating/repair cost history they just charge a bunch. Guess I better call Geico!

Allstate. Maybe not the best rate either.

just switched from allstate to USAA... saved 2000 annually... Allstate crazy high for Tesla.

@Beau - Why do you think that they wouldn't cover the battery? My first reaction is that this sounds like an alarmist rumor. I can see them not covering if you leased the battery, or you tried to make a claim related to normal battery degradation.

I don't understand the question about the battery either. I have never seen a battery exclusion in an insurance package (all cars have batteries). Besides 99% of the time the insurance company looks at a car and automatically totals it. If you damage the battery on an S you have bent the frame.

I have USAA and we are paying $500 for 6 months. $500 deduc.

I'm currently with Allstate; three vehicles, home, and umbrella policy.

They still are unable to provide a real quote based on the VIN, so they base it on a "general cost of car + zip code + driver profile".

I want a real quote.

Calling Geico, in 15 minutes or less.

MS 60kWh is due here within a week... I think.

(P#992, $5K deposit paid July, 2009, Finalized 8/24/2012, still waiting...)

I posted this in a similar thread a while back but fyi. It is my experience that Geico is not only the most reasonable insurance but they also provides great service.

I have been with Geico for over 30 years now, but shortly after I began I a tree fell on my car in a storm, and several months later the same vehicle was stolen. At one point they had actually paid me back several thousand more than the total I'd paid them. So how much did my premium go up? Nada, nothing, zilch. They explained since none of it was my fault the cost to insure would be the same.

I would recommend them to anyone.

@ Cattledog:

Wonderful blog! I especially like the idea of your very own "Get Amped" event at your home! GREAT thinking. I know I'm not alone when I say that I think of myself as an ambassador of TMC, and I haven't even received my Model S yet! (Due Apr/May)

I'm currently working in Houston, and went to the auto show the other day. One of my colleagues accompanied me, and I definitely talked his ear off the whole time. Usually it was in the context of comparing one or more features of any given car to the Model S. I gave him my disclaimer as we walked in - that I was basically "biased against every car in here."

So, I've been trying to think of ways to spread the word. Considering making a large QR code, to hang in my window when I'm parked. When I'm not there to answer questions, that is. I'll certainly have to give my wife the factual rundown for when she's out with my baby.

Thanks for giving me a great template for a blog. Maybe I'll have my own "Get Amped" party. I'm not sure how I feel about all those people driving my car though...

I've had pretty good luck with Travelers. The original quote sheet said "Mercedes Tesla" but after we got that straightened out, the rate stayed within 50 bucks of my S-class Benz and is less than 1k per year with a another car, clean record, and multiline discount.

I'm with State Farm and I'm paying less than $75/mo on a multi-car discount...can't complain! I live in one of the most expensive insurance counties in Texas...

Kyleket - Thanks, love the qr code in the window idea, hope you don't mind if I steal it. Our two delivery parties have been super fun, I highly recommend. Your call on the multiple drivers. Riding in the car is like biting the hook, driving is setting it.

Not trying to hijack the insurance topic...

when riding shotgun on your test-drivers, do you find yourself saying, "Faster! Faster!" very much? ;)

i have State Farm with a apprx 1 speeding ticket/yr and 2 other vehicles, 500/1000 deduct, Im paying $750 a yr. 85Kw non perf. In In IA.


I'm with American Family Insurance and they gave me a quote after looking at the Tesla sight. We have been with them for years but I don't know if they are in all states. Good luck

I've had my Model S "insured" through Allstate for 3 weeks now. They seemed to be having trouble with my VIN number and I just found out that their underwriting department won't insure Tesla. I had no trouble switching to GEICO. I could get a Mercedes E series and the Tesla 60 for under $1k/ year and GEICO seemed to understand all the model choices. This price was 1/2 what Allstate quoted me and then failed to deliver.

I pay with Statefarm in San Diego $356 per half year, 85kWh

Thanks to everyone posting about this, it helped me a lot. I was told by 3 different Geico agents that they absolutely do not insure the Tesla Model S. After re-reading the above posts, I politely pushed the last agent to check again for me, because it seems like many people have successfully insured with Geico already.

Her first compromise was temporary insurance until my next renewal, and then I'd have to switch to someone else who fully insures the MS. When I pressed her to check again, it turns out that all of their guidelines refer to the Roadster (not sure why they won't insure that...). I had told them it was a Model S from the beginning, but even her supervisor had lumped all the models together under "we don't insure Teslas."

In the end she gave me a decent quote: $499.32/6 months for new MS and old 1999 Honda together. Not as good as the above posts, so I'm going to shop around, but at least I have one option now.

will try State Farm again, was with them 10 yrs, but they were ripping me off so I switched last yr when I got 3 competing quotes for about 1/2 of State Farm.

Got ~$94/month from USAA for Northern VA/DC metro with a clean driving record.

I was able to get my 60KW version insured with Esurance.

I was quoted $119/month for my P85 from USAA in PA.

Bodily Injury Liability $ 100,000/300,000
Property Damage Liability $ 100,000
Comprehensive $ 500
Collision $ 500

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