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Multipurpose Roof Rack

Has anyone found a GOOD multipurpose roof rack for the Model S? I don't want to fool around and buy an inadequate one. Thanx!

Please note that the roof rack only works with the pano roof.

Might there be one not from Tesla that works great?

Yakima - go to web site, use model year 2012. Only for pano roof.

Any roof rack specifically designed to fit the built-in roof mounting points on a BMW 3 series will work on the Model S. Racks for other BMW models may also work, but the 3 series (2012) is the only one that I have tested.

Will it hold a deer?

@ Rheumboy HaHaHaHa Gasp HaHaHa I get ya!

If he's a deer hunter, he's not joking. aHaHaHaH ← cancelled laughter.

White tail in the rear hatch.
Mule deer in the rear with the seats down.
Fallow deer in the Frunk.
Smaller yet ---> rear sub trunk.

Recommend that you get a full set of cargo liners!

Can I carry a full sheet of plywood?

Can I carry the plywood on top of the deer carcass?


As long as you cut up both.

Recommend large ziplocks in addition to cargo liners!

any idea what the effect on range is with a rack (without the deer, maybe with skis)?

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