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is my iPhone app just crazy or what?

This morning when I went on my iPhone app to warm my car I noticed the GPS showed it about 15 miles from my location. It also showed it unlocked. It totally freaked me out. Was my car stolen? So I had to go check immediately of course. It was safe and sound in my garage looking as pretty as ever. Any ideas on this?

No one has any help? :-(((

I would try rebooting the Tesla: press & hold both scroll wheels until big screen goes dark, then release. If no joy, then try reboot of iPhone.

Which version of software do you have? 5.0? There is a small chance you have a car with the bad GPS. But first I'd try @Fred's suggestion.

On my app it shows my car about 20 feet away from my home garage, and I get a "blink" effect where it tries to show the car in the garage, but then blinks to 20 feet away. I've been told by ownership that this is a known issue an the software team is working on it. P85, 5.8 (.27)

Do try a reboot of the LCD and dash, since you are so far off. If that doesn't work, call your service center manager.

Maybe your car is astral walking!

It's body is in the garage but it's soul is 15 miles away. If it's the nav gps I assume OP would have navigation issues while he was driving. Try rebooting the Tesla screens. Delete and reinstall the phone ap. Couldn't hurt unless you annoy Brian's astrat spirits.

They hide out on the GPS sats. And ride the signals like cowboys.

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