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New Jersey Service Center??

It seems there are many of you Model S owners in the great garden state of New Jersey. I am expecting delivery in feb/ march and one of my biggest concerns is that he only service centers are in Queens and one coming in White Plains. In my opinion those are not viable options for all of us in NJ. Having to travel thru NYC to get your S serviced each time is a major hassle. I know we all like the ranger service but the reality is they can not fix everything at your house. Would like to see our fellow NJ owners press for a center somewhere between the Paramus store and the Short Hilla store. If they can justify 2 stores they should consider us important enough to add a service center. Appreciate your feedback. Has anyone discussed with Tesla mngt?


This is also the location suggested by one of our NJ Teala Motor Club members and so indicated to GB. I agree. Perhaps you can make the same suggestion to him.

kalel65 - Will do.
Didn't realize that the NJ Tesla site was up and running on this forum.
Just forwarded my info to the new as well.

The guessing maybe over.

If you go to the job openings and look for jobs added in the last week you will find 5 job openings at the Edison, NJ service center.

I did suggest that area but for other reasons. Nonetheless, it does make a lot of sense what Carmine is saying.

Ghillair, that was a good catch, I guess I'll be driving slowly to work tomorrow to see where exactly the Service Center is being built :)

Just wondering; is your tag a way of gloating over car-yours? ;)

Brian H:
No, just gloating over the color of car-mine red.

Ghilair: Good work!

Just heard that Tesla is opening a service center in Edison, NJ

I'm in maplewood, and agree that Edison is a very convenient location for most in jersey.

I live in New Jersey too, and based on my research now there is a service center in Springfield Township. You may want to check that out.

This week my Dashboard updated and will allow me to pick up my P85+ at the Springfield NJ Service Center. On the rest of Tesla's web site, Springfield is indicated "comming soon". Queriiosity got the best of me as its only 15 minutes from my house. Something Tesla is going on there - Tesla sign out front, a bare chassis with a cover on it, and a grey Model S in the yard. I noticed a massive power supply and switch gear on the side of the building. Upon further inspection (quick look in a few heavily tinted windows) I saw several bays filled with Teslas, S's and Roadsters. The facility doesn't look like its ready for the public yet, but looks pretty close :-)

I had my 12.5K service done at the Springfield location about 2 months ago. The have been prepping cars and allowing deliveries to take place there. Depending on what needs to be done the are doing some service activities there. I was told that this summer they are completely redoing the facility so that it will be a permanent service center. That will probably be late summer / early fall.

Queriiosity or curiosity? :)

i'm picking up my car in the next two weeks from the springfield service center.

I picked up my MS85 at the Springfield service center a month ago, and had the recall repair done there a few weeks ago. It was clearly just getting set cubes and the like were not fully built out, but there were quite a few MS's there for delivery and servicing, along with a couple of roadsters, and they were doing servicing in the bay. A car carrier was unloading 10 or so MS's on teh day we took delivery.
It is off Route 22 and the Parkway, so plan for miserable traffic delays to get there.

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