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new key

best way to get a new key. lost spare :-( thanks

Call your local service center.

$387 + tax for a new fob. Possibly labor to pair it with the car. You need to bring in all fobs because the pairing process wipes all previous pairings.

I was fortunate to find my missing fob before my appointment.

I considered replacing our lost 2nd fob but, instead, I preordered a TILE (tracking device) to attach to my only key so, if we do lose it, we'll find it ;)

I also preordered another similar product but can't remember the name.

Mike Corso

If you have a child with a toy car collection look there.

And if you lose the second one, it's over a thousand bucks to re-chip the car, etc .... Does anyone have a preferred key tracker attachment. That sounds wise.....

thank you. ill check the toy box as well :-)

are there any android apps that can control car features from phone?

Yes. Tesla app.

Oh. I see TILE is a new product+app. Cool. Website says sold out til summer 2014, though.

Yes, check the toy box. Tesla was too cute here. One key disappeared from kitchen cabinet over Christmas --- checked with grandchildren finally and one reported seeing a 3 year old with it --- but haven't found it yet. Buying replacement tomorrow.

They can "rekey" just one key fob, at least in my case, where they said the top was starting to crack and gave me a new one during a service visit today, my spare key fob was at home, and it still worked, as the new one.

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