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Looks like somebody pressed the wrong button.

Wheew..... it looks like it is all back and running again.
Gremlins can be a pain in the ......

Where are the delivery threads? that's the only reason I'm here!

Volker.Berlin where are you when we need you? (Ohms.Law)

No worries, I'm always here. :-)

BTW, it happened once before a few days ago, when they introduced the Tesla Bulletin Board. Same symptom: Everything gone for in a moment and then incrementally coming back. I'm curious what's new this time.

Wow it's way faster in my ipad now though! I like it!

Volker, today, it was not just the forum, but other major parts of (blogs, the Model S page, the Model X page and probably more that I did not check). And it was not just for a moment, but several hours. How about the incident a few days ago?

tomas.hutters -- on Tuesday, IIRC, I came to join the party when the forums and blogs were gone and just coming online again one by one (a matter of minutes, not even half an hour in total). It was an hour or two later than today. I cannot tell how long those pages were unavailable before that, and I did not check other pages than the forums and the blogs.

It was Mayan. And it already happened. This is a brand new universe, same as the old universe.

Prove me wrong!

Brian H - I think the theory of infinite universes says you are *definitely* right.

Volker - interesting! It must be a permissions issue when they add something new (though I can't work out exactly how that would happen).

It certainly freaked me out a bit when I stopped by last night and saw ZERO threads and zero posts. I thought they might restore from backup, and that this one might disappear at that point. Kind of glad to see that it lives on.

Thanks Volker. I guess this must have been at least slightly out of control. In any case, TM better not scare their most dedicated users like this, the average age is quite high here! Not to mention people who visit for the first time. Let's hope it never happens again.

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