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Option pricing is up...

$79K for sport package includes:

85kw battery
Exterior carbon fiber inserts
Nappa leather wwith Alcantara leather
Air Suspension
Performance wheels and tires

Looks like there are also 19" aerodynamic wheels as well.

$1,500 for Pano Roof

Battery warranty is unlimited mileage with the sport. Interesting.

Actually, the 85kwh battery has an unlimited mileage warranty, not just the sport.

What a shame to make leather a $1,500 option on a luxury car costing more than $50K.
Also, included in the Tech package, which costs $3,750 is a list of features that ordinarily come standard on a luxury vehicle.
- turn by turn navigation (standard on my $199 smartphone)
- backup camera
- power liftgate (on many minivans since 1999)
- keyless entry (std on many $20K cars)
- plus a handful of other cool and unique stuff

PARCEL SHELF $250 option (always std on most luxury cars)
PAINT $750 option (unless you accept black or white)
NO MENTION OF 3G OR 4G (unless I tuned out and missed it)
Speechless at this point . . .

@David M - You and I are on the same page. Pretty surprised to say the least.

I still can't get over the fact that keyless entry is an option?

These are all features on cars costing less than $40K...speachless here as well.

I never thought I would say this because I've been a huge fan for a long time, but I think they may have just lost me as a reservation holder. I agree that many of the options should be standard on a mid-range luxury sedan.

I almost missed it (mainly because I'm not a signature reservation holder), but they announced pricing of $87,900 which of course includes the 85kwh battery, special paint ($1,500), leather ($1,500), air suspension ($1,500), any wheel you want, tech package ($3,750), sound package ($950), the parcel shelf ($250), and the twin charger ($1,500).

wow, just saw the specs in my daily research on TMS. What do they mean by Supercharger access not available on the 40KWh model? Does that mean we don't have the fittings included thus not physically possible or simply that we are not allowed to stop by a supercharger??? or another reason could be the battery cannot support it?

6.5 sec 0-60Mph, not what I expected

For the rest, I am not surprised of the cost of the options. For me, I am getting leather, pano roof, paint 750 and that is it... just waiting for canadian pricing which I hope will be similar.

My dream Tesla non-Sig is 92100, using my Sig reservation it's 99400. They're both under 100, which I had mentally prepared for, but I'm ambivalent about the 7300 I'm paying to get a car first instead of last. :)

I guess probably the Sig has some unknown "extras" that would factor into the equation...

@eBrett / @David M- which luxury sedans are you specifically referring to? BMW has all of these features as "options" for their 5 series.

Specifically - keyless entry is not a standard feature on a BMW. BMW refers to it as "Comfort Access."

Also, on a BMW 528i (for example), the rearview camera and Navigation is a $1,850 package or $2,900 in options (if you choose a "package" you receive a discount: navigation is $1,900 option and keyless entry is $1,000 option when chosen individually).

This is my first "luxury Sedan," and my pricing expectations were met. (Being that it's my first luxury sedan, I just spoke with neighbor who drives a BMW 5 Series, and he thought the pricing/options were completely in-line for a "luxury sedan"). My expectations were met because 1) the pricing is in-line with a BMW 5 series (which is what Tesla has said all along) and 2) it's the first car of its kind, so I expected to pay a premium for that alone, but now knowing I'm paying the same pricing for options in a BMW 5 Series; I'm more than satisfied.

So, my question(s) to anyone disappointed is: what were your expectations? And what specific luxury sedans have the Model S options/features as standard features?

I agree with the last post, this is what I expected and is pretty much the BMW model for pricing. Even the high-end performance model is comparable to the BMW M5, actually slightly less for similar performance.

I didn't see the pricing for the signature. Can some kind soul point out where sig pricing is discussed?


There is a vertical red banner that you have to click on.

One you are at the specs page, click the banner "Show Model S Signature"...once you click that the page will display the info you are looking for.


Count me as expectations met. I've been looking at both a A6 and 5 series and these options and prices are right inline.

I'm bummed about the Xenon headlights as I expected LED.

As I evalute the math and my choices, I found it a helpful activity to pull some of the BMW numbers. In case it's useful for others...
Tesla Model S (non-Signature)

Paint $750 Metallic
$1,500 Multi-coat

Roof $1,500 Glass Pan.

Wheels $0 19" all season
$3,500 21" high perf

Seats $0 8-way adj., microfiber
$1,500 12-way adj., heated, Nappa, leather, Decor accents

Sound $0 200W, 7speaker, AM/FM/HD Radio, 2x USB, 500 songs
$950 580W, 12speaker, 3000 songs

Tech $3,750 turn nav, HD rear cam, power rear gate, keyless entry,
Xenon headlamps, LED fogl., Electrochrom. side mirrors

Suspension $1,500 Air

Seating $1,500 Rear Facing Seats

Storage $250 Parcel Shelf

BMW 535i Sedan

Paint $550 Metallic

Roof $0 2-way power moonroof with remote

Wheels $0 18" 245/45 run-flat all-season tires
$3,600 19" perf run-flat, [6 other features]

Seats $0 10-way power-adj., Dakota leather, Dark Wood trim
$500 heated

Sound $0 180W, 10speaker, AM/FM/CD/HD, 1x USB
$950 600W, 16spkr, 1yr Sat. radio

Tech $0 keyless entry, Xenon headlamps, LED fogl.
$1,000 Comfort Access keyless entry
$400 rear-view camera
$1,850 rear-view camera, nav system

No vertical red banner, so your instructions die right off the top.

Where, on what page? Be exact, pls.

Still digesting it all, but happy to see the J1772 public charging station adapter will be included at no additional cost. Maybe they read my October post on the subject :)

The options are only part of the reason for my disappointment... the 40kWh battery differences are also a disappointment for me.

On the options front, a 2012 BMW 535i would be about $53,500 (TMV on Edmunds) for the options I want. To get a similar set of options on the Model S, I get to about $57,600 (AFTER the $7,500 federal rebate). Granted, I get more options on the Model S because I cannot order certain things piecemeal given the Tech Package all or nothing type approach. This is part of my frustration... it seems to be same old car manufacturer "optioning you to death." I was hoping that this was a different experience.

On the battery front, I only need the 160 mile capacity given my driving habits (as well as my cheapness when it comes to a depreciating asset). I understand that I may not fully comprehend the battery technology issues; however, I didn't expect a big decrease of the 0-60 time, the lower relative warranty on the 160 battery, or the inability to use the nationwide charging network. I'm not saying there are not very good reasons for all this, I was just disappointed.

Combine the above with my less than enthusiastic view of the interior so far (I know these are betas and we don't know what the final outcome of this is), it just has all given me a fairly negative view over the past month. To be clear, I am not a die-hard environmentalist nor a luxury car aficionado, I just think it's a cool company that makes cool cars, and I was excited about it. Although we can afford it, my excitement (as well as my wife) will likely not allow me to spend $60k (in today's $) on a car.

I'm confused is the Model S performance the SIGNATURE S

Bill Tracey

Turn-by-turn navigation. If I choose not to get this option, does that mean I have to carry my Garmin GPS to guide me?

What is the supercharger they mention? Certainly not the "blower" of an ICE. Does it boost performance or just allow faster charging of the batteries?

Will "destination charges" be added to these prices? Those will probably add another couple of grand.

My thinking now is that everything I want is in the Signature (except for the kids seats), so I may just have to upgrade my reservation this week...

For those using an iPad (or iPhone), the signature banner is almost hidden. Touch the red patch at bottom right, then touch again when it appears at right. Now you have additional columns that correspond to signature and signature performance.

I was afraid there would be a certain amount of this. We've been drooling over this for so long, imgining all the cool tech options we'll get. Voice powered entry, antigravity suspension, massaging reclining 18 way seats, etc etc. But with options, you have to pay. And to be honest, we all had to know that at some level. And perhaps we really didn't need a 500 watt stereo. It's there for the purchase. But now it's time to seperate the important from the urgent. I can live without a supercharger, for example. I might use it just a few times over the life of the car.

Before the pricing, I had already decided on stock 19's, leather, pano, and grey paint, 230 mile pack. 3750.00 in options. I can deal with that.

And I did like the 8 yr 125,000 battery warranty. That helps alot. More money than I wanted to spend, but I kind of knew that going in...


On a desktop, with wide-screen display, and no banners or patches or other access to the Sig. WUWT?

I am happy overall. I do think the tech package is kind of expensive, and I wouldn't have expected to pay extra for that, and I would have expected the uplevel sound system to be inlcuded.

I am actually really surprised that the xenon lights and LED foglights are part of the tech package. The exterior lights are part of the signature/branding of the car. If I was Tesla, in order to make a great marketing statement to observers by making sure that all cars had these fancy lights.

Is it wierd that I can't decide if the aerodynamic wheels are ugly or cool?

Aesthetically, the 21" wheels are my favorite, but I don't want performance tires and I think they're too expensive.

Sorry still can't find it

Bill Tracey

The red vertical banner should appear to the right of the table heading "model s Permium electric sedan deliveries begin Fall 2012". Cick to show the additional columns.

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