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Orange County to Sequoia National Park and back again in 1 day

This was a very interesting trip. Leaving from Orange County at 6:45am, we did a max range charge at Tejon ranch SC (262 rated miles) and arrived in Three Rivers (just outside of the park; via 99 to 65 to 198) with 148 rated miles left and 114 actual miles traveled. In other words, our rated range perfectly matched miles travelled (148+114=262). This was done by traveling ~60-65mph on average.

As we had a 6750 foot climb to get to Giant Forest without access to charging, we decided to try and get some extra electrons at a local RV park with 50amp service (Kaweah RV park) . This is where it became interesting. When I asked the owner if I could charge at one of his 50amp sites, he looked at the car and that at me and gave me a flat out 'NO'. I then said I would be more than happy to pay for the site; which he said is $43. He then asked how many hours I would occupy the site and whether I would be gone by 5pm. I said that we only needed a couple of hours and would undoubtedly be gone long before 5pm. He thought about it some more, the said follow me. He took us to a site, turned on the 50amp service and then after we started charging, I gave him a grand tour of the car. He was fascinated and left us to charge for free saying 'thanks for being green'. Several other RV people came over to ask about the car and all were utterly floored by the car. Clearly, Tesla is far from common knowledge in the interior of California.

We left with 212 rated miles and arrived in Giant forest with 140 rated miles, having travelled ~25 real miles. Boy, the climb really ate the miles. Amazingly, after we spent ~2hrs hiking and enjoying the Giant Sequoia's, we arrived back at the car and had gained 5 miles to 145 rated miles. The temperature had dropped considerably and I think this is how we got miles back, but i am not sure. We then travelled to Morro Rock, hiked to the top for incredible views at sunset (we were the only ones at the top, very serene). We then travelled back down to Three rivers, arriving with 158 rated miles after traveling total of ~50 real miles there and back with a 6750 elevation gain. In other words, despite the large elevation changes, we only lost the equivalent of ~4 rated miles. WOW, WHAT A CAR.

We then drove on to Tejon Ranch SC without any additional charging, arriving with 38 rated miles (could have been more but I started to go ~75mph when it was clear we would make without a problem). It was ~10pm and as the only MS there, charged at 280mph. We ate some food and then left for home, arriving ~1am in Orange County.

@mdemetri - great story... very interesting. I have done that trip in an ICE many times before and I can't wait to do it in the MS. Central Valley needs help in terms of EV - thanks to spread the word.

Looking at the Supercharger map, Tesla has no plans at all for a Supercharger on the west side of the mountains in the Central Valley. This might be a case where chipping in to install a HPWC or 70 amp J1772 somewhere there would make sense.

Yes, the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada needs charging infrastructure badly.

Amazingly, at the park entrance, I asked the Park Ranger if there was any EV charging in the park and he told me that was the first time anyone had asked him that question. In other words, he had no idea and the thought had never crossed his mind.

This indicates to me that there still needs to be major education of the National Park Service. You would think that they would be highly motivated to encourage EV's, install solar etc.

Maybe a petition or letter writing campaign to head of the National Park service might get some where. SC would be great, but even Level II charging at the major resorts would be a major help.

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