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Pandora Radio, anyone?

I would love to see Pandora Radio. I already have subscription and am reticent to add yet another subscription with Slacker. Anyone else like to see Pandora app added to the MS?

Big time, I really do not like slacker

I have used it from my phone, through bluetooth.. works great.

I love slacker!

At the moment, data plan is free, so what's the problem?


Slacker appears to have a much larger musical library (the play 'this' song from 'this band' works almost every time) and unlimited skipping forward is nice. I'd like to have the unlimited version of slacker that lets you skip backwards--perhaps a future update? I thought I would miss Pandora, but I don't.

Spotify then pandora for me.

Love Slacker. I don't feel I am missing anything. My husband on the other hand is considering Pandora as he does love it. I'll encourage him to compare if possible in the near future, but for now, Slacker is free so it's for me. Once I have to start paying then we may make a change.

I use both, and I think both have advantages/disadvantages. Pandora wins on audio quality (192k max with Pandora One; 128k max with Slacker), and Slacker clearly wins on content. Also, I like that you can restrict explicit content on Slacker.

I think that slacker radio stations tend to play a lot of the same songs. Pandora would definitely be welcomed.

Pandora showed little interest in Tesla's mobile platform when that part of the infotainment center was created. I remember hearing about this ~two years ago and was also disappointed.

Support for iOS devices over USB would alleviate my problem. Pandora works from the phone over bluetooth but bluetooth audio sounds crummy.

I don't care if it's Slacker or Spotify if they would just get the interface to be equivalent to the mobile/pc feature sets. I should be able to play any specific song in the car that I can play on my PC or phone, but most of the ones I try just give me "song" radio. I should be able to play albums, etc., and I should be able to go back to the beginning of the song if I want.

I would love to see Rhapsody since it lets you pick almost any song directly and create at rue jukebox.

Why not just use the Pandora app on your phone and blue tooth your music?

@GLO - I used to use bluetooth with spotify. I have a spotify premium account but the tight integration that MS has with slacker is really nice. For example if you use bluetooth, music doesn't automatically turn on when you get in the car - you have to turn it on yourself. with slacker you just sit in your car and it picks up where it left off. minor conveniences but there are enough of them that I no longer use spotify when I'm in my MS.

I've heard that was a limitation though MS delivery specialist back in Jan when we got our car said it worked pretty well. My husband is going to try it.

Just a side note: the desktop equivalent of Tunein is, works on Windows XP or later.

I agree that one can just use fom your phone but that requires one to control from the phone not the touch screen. Given it should be a simple software add, similar to Sonos adding providers it would be better. Just like the tech package not being essential, it is a nice to have and Slacker costs 3.99 or 9.99 a month after the first 3 months trial period, depending on your level of service.

+1 for Pandora.

Not that it's better or worse than Slacker. Just that I have spent a few years personalizing it. More choice is better in this case.

I like TuneIn radio. It's new to me. My advice to you all is to set up an account on your PC, find some stuff you like, and mark it as favorite. Then, login from your Model S (in controls, settings, apps, media) and your favorites will be easy to find. Before I did this, I found navigating TuneIn to be a big pain.

@riceuguy, you can do exactly that with Slacker. Press and hold the audio command button on the steering wheel and clearly and precisely say "Listen to: satisfaction by the rolling stones" and check out the results! If you haven't done this yet, you've been missing one of the best things in the infotainment suite. It wows the friends, too.

@Derek Many times Slacker won't play the specific song. I wonder if there's some kind of throttling, where it will only play exactly what you ask for like once an hour or something like that.

Slacker has found any song I have requested and played it first in the queue. Sometimes it takes a little effort to get it to find what you want, but has never failed in the end. It is sometimes amazing how well it recognizes band or song names on the first try.

I'm a long time paid Pandora user and I'd really like a native Pandora app in the car.

Having said that, I find that I'm using Slacker more and more. The ability to play any song (well, nearly any song) is a major plus. I've tried hard to stump it and only rarely come up with a miss.

The Slacker stations that play have mixed results. Some of them seem to be hand-picked, if you believe the Slacker promos that sometimes come on. Others seem to stall out at 5-10 songs. Pandora has this problem too, but less so.

Slacker isn't worth $9.99/m to me, though, considering I already pay a third of that for Pandora.

No excuse for Tesla not to include a native Pandora client. Just about every other car maker has it now, even in the economy segment. This is a $100k+ car with field upgradable software. Pandora's API is simple.

+1 for Pandora over Slacker. I too have spent many years customizing it. Slacker replays the same songs way more often on a given station. But it has grown on me because of the unlimited skips. Using Pandora over BT is ok, and I can skip from the touchscreen as well as see all the cover art and titles.

I prefer Pandora. I get more interesting song selection from them. They throw me a curve ball occasionally. Whereas Slacker seems to go by the "other songs in this genre during this time period" song selection method.

+1 for Pandora!

(Rhapsody would be cool also!)

: )

After almost a year with Slacker I've decided that Pandora is far superior because it is not as repetative as Slacker.

I discovered lots of great new music via Pandora. Nothing new is popping up with Slacker because it seems to restrict music choices to certain eras rather than just genres and styles.

We figured out how to play Pandora by using a phone but it is difficult to navigate the menus while driving.

I'd love to get full featured Pandora for the car.

yes, I'd vote for Pandora.

+1 for pandora.

Slacker is okay but doesn't seem to learn, or maybe I'm not using it correctly.

With a given station, there's usually one or more artists who show up that I simply don't like. With pandora, after clicking thumbs down a few times it seems to learn, oh I guess he doesn't like X, but w slacker, I push the thumbs down equivalent over and over for a given artist and it just never catches on. Must be different software or maybe different agreement w music labels, etc. Anyone have insight into this?

It sounds like the Slacker app in the Tesla doesn't have the same functionality as the Slacker web application or the Slacker Windows 8 app. When you click the "ban" button on Slacker on the web/win 8 it asks you "Ban Song or Ban Artist". I've not had an artist I've banned that way come back up in the Android or iOS versions of the app. Those don't ask you that question and just ban the current song. I'm curious to see if my account's learned behavior transfers over to the Tesla version of the application when I setup my account in the car. Sadly since I only confirmed on Tuesday it'll be a while before I can test. :)

Add a +1 for Pandora for me as well.

+1 for Pandora. With added diversity option, the playlist is MUCH more interesting, particularly for obscure music. I have stumbled across some cool things on Slacker, but it's much more rare. I am mainly into odd garage stuff (My Dad is Dead, Helms, Flour, Salem 66, The Ex, Theatre of Hate) with some more contemporary tunes (Metric, Cat Power, Interpol, 365daysofstatic). The baroque playlist is just on my iPhone, along with odd string instruments (Tromba Marina, Viola bastarda, Viola d'amore, Quinton).

A native app for Pandora (or just screen mirroring from iPhone) would be great.

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