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Perfect design feature? HUD

I currently drive a BMW 645ci. One feature that I love is my Heads Up Display. I have a hard time in our other cars having to look down for speed, directions, etc once I got use to the information being displayed on my windshield. I almost can’t live without it. any thoughts about incorporating this functionality in the Model S?

I know how engaging the dash and the 17” monitor is but man I love my HUD.

Thoughts? Anyone else have a HUD and what are your thoughts about the functionality?

I absolutely agree. It is both a safety feature and very cool. The new Prius Plug-in model has Heads-Up display. Most car companies make most of their profit on accessories. Tesla would be wise to offer this as an option.

That is one feature I really like in my 2006 Prius and I see it has been improved quite a bit in later models.

At the Motor Trend COTY award ceremony in New York city last night I asked George Blankenship if head-up display, adaptive cruise control, side-lane warning and other electronic systems were on the drawing board. He said that those and 30 or 40 others. But he gave no time line for any.
One thing that encourages me is that many of them may be able to be created in software and downloaded or with minimal hardware and hopefully able to be retro-fitted.

I love the BMW head-up display as well and since my reservation is over 10,000 I have hope that some of these will be installed in my Model S when delivered.


Tash, very well put.

A 40-item wish list that gets ticked off as the years go by sounds pretty cool!

HUD will certainly require hardware, so doubtful it can be retrofitted. Meaning some people will get it and others won't

I also have the HUD in a Prius. This is way the coolest feature...
enough said by others already.
I think retrofitting a HUD is not a big issue, its just a Display subassembly.
I think they should take it beyond and make more of the HUD. like displaying map parts or crucial warnings so that you don't have to take your eyes from the road maybe more colors - this is just a software issue.

Probably included in the 40-50 updates in the works that GB spoke of.

I've never seen this feature, although I just looked it up in Wikipedia. Could someone please provide a brief description of how it would be implemented in the Model S. I.e., what is the image projected onto -- a separate piece of glass? What information is projected? Or provide a link. Thanks.

The key is that the display appears "far away", i.e., your eyes do not need to refocus to read the instrument cluster. That's its core value, besides the fact that it's incredibly cool.

The information can be projected onto a dedicated translucent screen (Prius) or onto the wind shield (BMW). In both cases, it is "out of focus" on the projection surface. The information does not appear where the surface is, but out in front above the hood.

Thanks, Volker. It would be nice to be able to turn it on or off from a steering wheel button, since looking down to turn it on would defeat its purpose. I guess you could leave it on all the time if it is truly not distracting.

It would be interesting to have the HD rear-view projected in the HUD! Testing the limits of brain flexibility ...

I wonder if some hackers will get net & video display onto it. I bet HUD-porn would be even more distracting than texting!

DouglasR, you never need to turn it off as it is not noticed. Our brains are able to walk and chew gum.

HUD yes!

--- Cherif

Definately!! I offered this as one of the features I'd like to see added on one of the other threads some time ago.

I have the HUD on my BMW 530i and think it ia one of the best features about that car. Love having speed and nav directions displayed in the glass...think it's a great safety feature too as you get all the key info you want as you drive without ever having to take your eyes off the road.

Hopefully this is available in the 2nd Tesla I buy !!

My Prius is a 2012, and I have never heard of this being in the car. aaronw2, you mention that this was in the 2006 model and that it has only gotten better. Do all Prius have this? I'll have to check out the manual again. Could it be in a default "off" mode? It looks and sounds amazing.

Prius 4,"Advanced Solar Roof Package"; Prius 5, "Advanced Technology Package".
Toyota video

Thanks, Brian. Oh, well. I was thinking it was going to be a nice little discovery to tide me over; afterall, I just discovered the rear cupholder/armrest in the back seat after a passenger had left it partially down. I've had the car for over a year, now!

+1 on HUD. Basically I bought my BMW 550 in 2006 primarily because it offered the HUD. My previous car was a 2001 Corvette.... which also had a HUD!

Its the one feature (so far) that will convince me to trade in my 2012 Model-S for a 2015? 17? 18? Model-S..... when it offers a HUD and 500 mile battery :)

Yes, don't forget the mention of marketing/reconditioning Roadsters and Model Ses as a potential "material revenue source" mentioned in the Q&A. TM may make it fairly easy to trade-in and upgrade next year -- with a leasing operation to boot, which automatically generates a flow of pre-owned Teslas to handle.

Wonder how soon that will include cabriolets, Model Xes, etc. Interesting times!

Head-up display for your car. Enjoy feature of expensive cars with your Android phone. Just place it on your dashboard and see speed on your windshield. Click on the screen for mirrored view.
Displays in kilometers or miles per hour and uses GPS to get your speed. Simplest and best HUD application.
Year,I think this is very good

Don't have. Y car yet but is not there a second Nav view that can displayed on a dashboard next to speed?
Seems like a nice alternative to HUD

My car. Nott Y car

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