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Phone charger? (Satechi uCharger)

Hi. Do you guys think that the Satechi uCharger ( will drain the battery a lot when charging your phone/pad?

Satheeesh Varadharajan

The Apple iPhone 5 has a 5.45 Wh battery and the Apple ipad a whopping 42.5 Wh battery. At 350 Wh/mile a full charge from empty of the iPhone would use 82 feet worth of your cars battery range and the iPad 640 feet worth of charge.

Right - so that's a no then. :)

Satheeesh Varadharajan

This has nothing to with draining the battery, but you should know that the Satechi uCharger acts as a USB Host device so that it can get more than the standard 500ma current that is provided to USB plugs (about 1-1.6A). This assumes that the uCharger is connected to something like a PC/Notebook and not a hub. I would think that the Model S port is connected to the 17" display processor "motherboard" and is capable of understanding the USB protocol for higher current that the uCharger requests. If not, you'll be limited to 500ma and your charging will be just as slow as without the uCharger.

I agree... But why not use a external battery pack? It can even charge your phone and tablets when outdoor and no wall jack availble. I am happy with my RAVPower power bank. It works like a charm.

It won't help you charge an iPhone or iPad faster since the current draw on the car's USB ports are limited. To charge an iPad, you need to get a good quality, high current 12V adapter and plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter port. Note that even there, many supposed "3A" 12V adapters are not truly 3A and have a hard time charging an iPad.

This one has enough oomph for an iPad:

And don't worry about range loss, it isn't an issue.

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