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Phone Controls.

I cannot find a way to hang up the phone from the steering wheel.
Is this a 17" screen only function?

Press the voice control button (top right steering wheel button).

Its that easy? dam i need my techie status revoked.

yes, and actually, when you do, you get a list of options, the first one being end call...

Yes, it's that easy, but I'll admit it wasn't obvious to me, either. It took me some trial-and-error to find it

Mega-hours get wasted because programmer-analysts think, "Oh, that's intuitive and obvious, no instructions needed onscreen."

It should be included in some documentation. No need for on screen instructions. But I find a lot is not included in the documentation...

I'm sure someone on the TMC forum has put together a utube video tutorial describing all button and scroll wheel functionality on the steering wheel. There's a guy in MA that posted at least a dozen of these helpful videos, anyone remember his name for a Google search?

Ben Goodwin, aka Cinergi, IIRC

It is buggy. The connection with phone and call list sometimes it works and most doesnt'. Try deleting phone and resynching BT.

iphone deliveries

sorry, disregard last post.


This has been vexing me since I took delivery and frustrates me every time I use my phone. Thanks for sharing the solution.

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