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Production Capacity

I was just wondering what the production capacity for the Model S will be.

Tesla is planning for 20,000 cars per year if I remember correctly. They may not quite hit that the first year (2012), but I'd bet on them hitting it 2013, 2014 at the latest.

Considering the size of the factory I'd say "enough". It might just take some time to get all of that doing something.

Last I read, first year production estimates were 7000, with 20000 expected by the second year.

Also, a little off topic, but to gauge how well this might potentially do, as of Teslas IPO, they had somelike like 3800 pre-orders, I dont remember hte precise numbers, but it roughly comes out to 55% of that first year production capacity and I think 19% of that 20000 per year.

likewise, when the Chevy Camaro came out, that had about 17% of its production capacity preordered at release. The Camaro is outselling both the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger, and is easily making GM a crap load of money. Given that, and the fact that the Model S still has a good amount of time before release, this could fly off the shelf and make Tesla a boatload of money, ieL keep it around.

Don't forget that Tesla isn't using all of that factory. I think they're only using about 10% of the space for the initial Model S line, with the rest earmarked for future lines (SUV, upgraded/retooled Roadster, etc).

IIRC that factory has capability of producing over 100 000 cars annually. It is big one, bigger than anything the Lotus had.

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