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RE: Florida pre-paid services plans -- Service Center says they are illegal here and cannot sell them?

Has anyone in Florida tried to buy the pre-paid service and been told it was not available due to Florida law? My Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar dealership sells them all the time.

Maybe Florida has one of the laws that doesn't allow manufacturers to sell them but franchised dealerships can. I always thought Missouri was backwards then I started reading about all the problems Tesla is having in other states. Makes MO looking pretty forward thinking.

My understanding is that they are not illegal but are treated as insurance. State of FL requires a large (tens of millions) $$ bond to be placed with the state to protect the insured in case of problems. Don't think TM wants to do this. That's what I was told by them a few months ago.

They are lobbying to get this changed; they have Adam Hasner on retainer.

Same in CT. They said when (if) it does come available, current owners would have a period of time to sign up for the plan.

I'm in Florida and got the same response as Nick.

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