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Rear child seats henceforth only factory installed

Just received the following email from Tesla at 9:38 HST (11:38 PST) indicating change in policy regarding installation of the rear child seats. Those with them as a due bill item will undoubtedly still get theirs installed at their service centers but new orders will henceforth only have the option for a factory install. IMO this seems like a reasonable cost control policy now that the seats have become available.

Dear David,

You are receiving this email because your Tesla Model S order does not include Rear Facing 3rd Row Child Seats. We are making a change regarding installation of this option and want you to be aware of this change as soon as possible.

On all cars produced from this point forward, Rear Facing Child Seats will be available only as a "factory installed" option. They will no longer be available as an aftermarket option through our Service Department.

These specially designed child seats are the ideal way to add more passenger space to your Model S while doing something that will make your kids smile. Children love having their own special place to enjoy the ride in Model S. These seats are equipped with five-point harness seat belts for safety and fold completely flat when not in use. It's the best of both worlds, room for two more passengers and fold away storage when not in use.

We are communicating this change now in case you would like to add this option to your order. If you would like to add Rear Facing Child Seats to your order, please let us know by this Tuesday, March 5th at or at 888.771.2505. We will confirm your change and update your order right away.

There is no need to respond to this update if you'd like to proceed forward without the addition of Rear Facing Child Seats. Your Model S order will continue to production as originally planned.

Thank you for your attention to this update. We look forward to getting you behind the wheel of your Model S soon!

Tesla Motors

I don't know what to do. Not having the option to add the seats later is really bumming me out... We need the seats. I wish Tesla reps never told us repeatedly that we can add them later...

I sent another email to Ownership Experience and I actually got a call back. Was told that there is no vin cutoff. Any cars already in production and delivered cannot add the seats. It must be added during configuration. Definitely very disappointing.

@dano, that is interesting.

I wonder if the jump seat cars have been getting this extra bracing this whole time (in which case there's no excuse for not having communicated this to us) - or whether, starting from the supposed VIN cutoff on, the non-jump seat cars are now getting LESS bracing?

Although from an NHTSA ratings standpoint, I wouldn't think they could change the car structurally. But something clearly has changed here, I wonder if this is part of the attempt to get to 25% margins.

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