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From reservation to delivery in less than 3 months??

I put in my reservation for an 85k Model S on January 16th.

Yesterday I received an e-mail "Time to Build Your Model S". Estimated delivery date? Late March!

Is this too good to be true? I didn't expect delivery until around September and well, I am so far NOT COMPLAINING.


On the subject of bailouts and subsidies, I have only this to say:

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@Vawlkus - +1, I loved that fake ad when it came out

Still waiting for the "massive" subsidies you claim Tesla got and needed. Purchase assistance doesn't count. E.g., European and Canadian buyers don't get any American money, though their own governments may kick in.

The $7500 is no way a subsidy to Tesla. They get the same $ per car with or without it. There may be a few more buyers, but that's a different matter. Same for the green power, although it is far more likely it would stifle that market severely to remove the consumer grants and FITs.

I regard the bailout moneys p***ed against the wall with the bankers and auto makers as subsidies. And grants directly to firms.

If you want to talk about "externalities," how about the fact that ICE buyers are allowed to dump pollutants into the atmosphere and the rest of the environment for free. Usually people have to pay to have their garbage hauled away, but ICE owners get a nice break that nobody ever talks about.

I reserved on 25 Dec 2012 (merry Christmas to me!), and just got my delivery button and window of Mar 11-25. If they hit that window, it'll be right at or just under three months. And I'm pretty sure others who reserved after I did also got their delivery windows today.

I reserved on 11/27/12 and just found my Red Delivery button this evening. After completing the questionaire is shows a projected pickup window at the Seattle Service Center of March 1 to 15. So pretty close to 3 months. It must be the right combo for February.

85kWh non-perf Grey/Grey/Lacewood/Pano/Tech/Sound/Air/21"/Twin chargers and Armor.

I signed my MVPA on January 26, 2013 and Tesla counter-signed it on January 28, 2013. I just got the delivery button with a two week delivery period of March 6 to March 20. Less than 2 months from signing contract to delivery. Car is a white Performance 85 with tan interior, CF trim and spoiler, pano roof, tech package, sound package, 21 inch gray wheels and twin chargers.

Reservation #18,522 1/21/13
Configured 2/4/13
Delivery button 2/10/13
Delivery window 3/4-14/13
2 months from reservation to delivery! Can't believe it!

P85, blue, tech, air

+1 BrianH
tax credit does not go to Tesla, so it is not a subsidy to Tesla.

Pungoteague Dave- I pay BOATLOADS of taxes. While I don't have to have the $7500 tax credit to afford a Model S (I get mine this week), it's not 'borrowed from future generations.' It's just not 'taken from me.' If you don't owe taxes you don't get the credit. What's 'borrowed from future generations' is that more than half the population either pays no federal taxes or receives benefits that exceed their tax liability in value.

Look- I am a free market guy. I don't like the government picking winners or protectionism. Unfortunately it's a rough world out there, and our competitors play by different rules. They want to have our nice lifestyle too and they don't play nice and don't want us setting the rules. The de-industrialization of this country is a serious issue. So, if the Feds want to give a tax credit for electric cars, that's better than a lot of the other bonehead incentives on offer.

My 2 cents. I am not buying the car to be green- I just like it. But here in Seattle, that will fit the mainstream just fine anyway- people are excited to see these cars.

Of course we have clean hydro power at 10 cents a kWh and expensive gas. So that helps too!

Initial reservation Dec 16, #15947
Received delivery window today of 3/1-3/15.
Last day of the window would be 1 day short of 3 months.
Pearl, standard 85kWh, Grey, Black, Air, Sound, Tech, Dual Chargers

I reserved on 12/27/2012 and got my build button today (02/10/2013) and was given a delivery window of 03/01-15/2013.

Well said DTsea. I'm sure that like many others we bought the S because it is a great vehicle. Fed rebate (and WA State tax exempt.) are a nice bonus but didn't factor in to my decision to buy the S- P85 . Every aspect of this purchase has been a pleasure so far.

Can't say I've ever enjoyed buying a vehicle from conventional auto dealers. They structure their business process to beat up the buyer and grab as many $'s as possible. How many times have you heard "I'll see what my manager says" and then waited 15-20 minutes as they bring back a lowball price for your trade? I find their high pressure "better buy now because..." tactics insulting. I hope the courts tells those slimy New York and Massachusetts auto dealers to stop crying and mind their own archaic business. Their fat, antiquated selling processes are starting to sound alot like the unions that have done their best to crush manufacturing in our country

I would have paid a $7500 premium (instead of rebate) had I known how enjoyable the Tesla buying process was going to be.

The proof of the Tesla pudding is in the reservation rate. In its first full year of availability, at twice the price, it's going to exceed the total Leaf sales to date. And probably Volt sales. Product quality and value/$ makes all the difference.

@Geek EV

You gave me quite a start with the bit about standard/optional equipment, but I just crosschecked in the design studio (between one logged in browser and one not logged in) and with the options I chose (Air, Tech, Leather, Supercharging) everything seems to be the same and the only difference is the $2500 price hike.

Can you speak to which features were changed along with the price?


@Pungoteague_Dave, oil companies receive tons of subsidies around the World, some direct, some less so and little known. Pipelines, for example, are tax-exempt, but almost nobody knows this and it is not counted as an "oil subsidy" because it's not an extraction subsidy.

Subsidies, breaks, and loopholes are so large that, depending on conditions, Exxon some years pays no net Federal income tax at all, as in 2009.

Not to mention, I subsidize the oil business with my health every time I breathe the fumes and soot, and so do you.

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