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S85 Owners: Do you wish you had bought S60 instead

I have read almost every post regarding 60 vs 85. I have posted my own question as well as I am in the final days of deciding and am in the window between ordering and finalizing with few days remaining. I see that many 60 owners like having 60, some say that they would rather order 85 now. I am interested to find out if there are 85 owners who have not used super charger option, who did not need last 60 miles until now, whose need were really fulfilled by 60 but bought 85 just because they may need it and in case...
Do you regret ordering 85 and will you choose 60 or do you still think that in future you may need 85 and so you made the right decision? Or just the comfort of having 85 is worth 10K?

While I rarely need the range afforded by my 85, I like having the peace of mind that it's there when I do. No regrets on paying the extra.

After 11+ months of total bliss in my S85, absolutely no regrets about the extra $10k for the bigger battery and range. I have much less range anxiety, and planning trips are less stressful!

The 85kWh battery doesn't do anything for me until the superchargers are built-out, but I'd be pretty bummed when that day came and I was still sitting at home with an S60. I can't wait to road trip in the P85+. I also got the dual chargers for those times when an 80A charge from a Tesla store or a friendly owner's HPWC would come in handy.

I could not make it to the "outlaws" without the 85. I will always buy the biggest battery pack...period.

No regrets at all and today is birthday for my S85 with just under 20k of smiles.

Happy Birthday Eletrek!

No regrets. BEAT ARMY.

If I added a second Tesla for my wife, it would be a 60. Although, if we get a Model X, that would be our travel car and it would need to be an 85 (or bigger?).

I've yet to use the extra range because I've arranged my life to not need it. But I can't predict how needs will change over the life of the car. I'll never regret having more range.

VERY glad I bought the P85….go all the way!

Price of S60 lured me in. Option creeped up all the way to a P85 before finalizing my order, and finally I settled on the S85. No regrets whatsoever. Visit the in-laws regularly on 200 mile round trips with no range anxiety or bugging them to plug in their dryer outlet! Would do it again the same choice. Sometimes I pull up next to a fast sports car and wish I had the P85, but then I think of what else I did with the extra $15k and I don't mind those fleeting moments of regret due to testosterones at all! If you're struggling with it I'd get the 85 if it won't break the bank.



Did you get the 007 package through TeslaTuner?

None. I've pushed the limits on a number of occasions. Can't imagine living with the stress of the shorter range. But that's just me. For instance, I let my kid borrow the car and f course, he forgot to hook it into the charger at home. I still had plenty of range for work plus the errands I had planned. If I had owned the 60, my son would have endured parental wrath!

None. Love my P85.

No regrets at all. If they had a 100kWh version available for another $10K, I would have gone with that.

Part of my thinking when I got the 85 was that if I may not need it for day to day, but when I really need it, I'll be glad I had it. And that the resale value of the car would be higher, and possibly make the price difference a wash.

amitb00: Pretty clear. There have been many threads comparing the various configurations and what people like/don't like; regret having/not having.

IMHO, there are NO 'bad' configurations for an MS. It is a great car. That said, you will find people who regret not getting an 85 but I have yet to find someone with an 85 that wishes they got the 60 instead.

No. I use the full range of the 85 often. If I did not need range, I would buy the 60.

We use full range of S85 all the time. Would like 120amp, could not live with 60. People seem to forget battery degradation over time. The real question is could you live with a 60 or 85 at 70% of original capacity? That's what TM says they warranty the batteries to provide.


I sure could. And will - with my new 60 delivered this week. Guess I am in the minority of driving less than 750 miles per week..

At first ordered 60 then before final went to 85, not sorry. If you can afford it I would go for it. More is better?

Real world range mandates the 85 for me. Beach house is 90 miles away with an up and down. No winter worries in the 85 but would be creeping with a 60 to make it without a charge midway.

Well, it came handy when I pulled into the Ft. Meyers, FL supercharger with 8 miles in the battery.

60 would not cut it for me. Have 144 miles round trip commute, and now as it is getting colder, Wh/mi goes up quite a bit. Now I get home with about 60 miles from 227 standard charge. If I do some errands during the day, even less. Given that battery will decline over the years, I need that cushion. I am looking forward to the MS120 or the MS150.

If TM had a version MS120 in 2012, I would go for that. No regret bought S85 and looking forward to the happy birthday of my S85 very soon.


Yes I've got on my favorites list in the car, thanks! Lol

I bought the 85 though I was considering the 60. I still haven't used the superchargers yet (due to my location), and don't really need an 85 for daily driving, but that extra range really came in handy for road trips (I do have dual chargers, but have never used anything over a 14-50). For me, those extra few miles put several places within 1-session range (roughly 4-hrs away, one of these places is a Service Center). The 60 would have me getting a charge before a few major cities.

Long story short: If superchargers were fully deployed, it probably wouldn't be worth 10k for me. Currently, however, it's very worth it. When the SCs do roll out in my area, I will still not regret it--60 miles may not seem like much, but it makes planning much less tight.

I have the S85 and 13K on the odometer. My weekly commute is probably 200 miles/week, but I've done many 200+ mile trips along the East Coast, which would have been difficult and totally impractical with the 60 model. No regrets whatsoever. And so far I'm glad I didn't get the second charger...

I bought a S85 for practicality. I wish that I could of justified P85. I have used SC only once in Barstow . At first I contemplated over ordering a S60 or S85. I have no regrets. I'm glad I bought the bigger battery it is well worth the peace of mind. I would of not been able to make an un planned trip to Arizona in a S60.

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