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Screen blanks out (replaced by huge Tesla logo) for 30 seconds.

I had this happen to me today and that too twice. Luckily the car ran fine so did the display behind the steering remained normal. Then I met another Tesla owner at a supercharger in Mauston (Wisconsin) who shared the identical story. It was s coincidence he reported the same thing.
But then the problem was temporary.

Anyone else experienced the same situation? The main screen did not respond for those 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Yes. It happened to me, as well.

Maybe system wide? It took forever to get Tesla to call me back.

Then, I had another episode, and have not heard back from our friends at "service" yet.............

It's only been six hours or so.

It sounds like your 17" is re-booting itself. If they get lots of calls there might be another update really soon.

Yes I just figured that it's a reboot.. Car is supposed to be a very reliable and stable thing plus all the more for such an expensive one. I hope they produce better quality software and not make it a joke.

What software version are you on?

Reboots aren't a big deal, other than inconvenience, as no critical systems for driving are affected.

Reboots can happen due to software bugs, but they can also happen due to hardware issues. If you keep having reboots, then I would suspect a hardware issue, and contact Tesla.

I haven't had my Tesla do a reboot on me for many months now.

Just so you don't worry if it happens: the MS drives fine if the control screen (w/speed, etc) reboots.

I experienced my first spontaneous reboot yesterday. I'm on 5.9 and have 2,000 miles on my P85. This makes me suspicious of a bug in 5.9.

i had a couple of spontaneous reboots since taking delivery in early february. just updated software a couple of days ago. and had the spontaneous reboot again after the update. has anyone heard back from "service" with an explanation?

I've experience this MCU (17" screen) reboot on my car and 2 loaners. It occurred on different versions 5.1, 5.4, 5.6.

The car continues to function and the rest of the displays behind the steering wheel work fine. Since there's no disruption to the driving mechanics, the reboot is just a minor annoyance.

Just remember the center console is a computer running on Linux. If you keep your personal computer running 24x7 for a year, your PC will need periodic reboots to clear the cache memory and run faster afterward.

This down time on the screen happened to me regularly on my return trip from myrtle beach. This did not happen going down but only after 5.9 was installed.

Just picked up my new S from the dealer yesterday. During the intro demo, the system rebooted. It rebooted twice more on the drive home.

Delivery agent to me that Tesla has just done a software update and that it would be updated and fixed shortly.

Same here. Rebooted at least 6 times over the last two days. Took it into service this morning. It started doing that after 5.9 was installed. No problems prior to that.

My scenario is as follows : media is shown in the left pane of the instrument cluster. Artwork would not load, artist name would disappear. Then a few minutes later the entire media panel would disappear after which the center console goes black , shows the Tesla spike and reboots. then The media panel comes back. Songs resume playing like two songs earlier in the favorites queue.

Same problem here with my new Tesla I picked up a few days ago with 5.9. Happened twice over the weekend.

i just got mine back from service. 5.9 has a problem with audio playback causing center display to reboot. they are working on a fix.

Check to see if you have energy savings on - my P85 was/is doing the same thing, about 20-30 seconds to start up - turned off energy savings and now it comes on instantly - I am on 5.8.8

After re-reading everyone's issue it made me think maybe my response was not addressing the same issue, so I will restate - my S shows the Tesla logo when I first get in it to drive and sometimes after it has been driven and parked - it does take 20 seconds or so to boot up so to speak - this was fixed by turning off the energy saving feature -

My S did the same thing you all describe twice within a few months of receiving the car (black screen or dash with no logo) - I was told to hold down the two thumb wheels at the same time until it rebooted the big screen and then the two upper buttons (which resets the dash) or may be the other way around (I did this and it fixed the problem - I was on the freeway doing 70 when it happened the first time, a little disconcerting although the car continued to drive flawlessly) - in any event, is it possible that some may be gripping the steering wheel in such a way as to be activating either reboot from the car - now, knowing the issue and result I have done so on purpose several times and it does reboot the screens -

Does this reboot occur when listening to any kind of music, or only certain sources, like Slacker? This could help others avoid the problem until a fix is in place.

Another 5.9 reboot victim here. Got car delivered on Sat. with 5.9. I always have music playing so that may be it. However, and this may be a coincidence, but ever since I turned off the "Energy Save" mode, lid day on Tuesday, I haven't had it happen to me.

i have this issue since 5.9 was deployed last week. never had it before.
In my case it is fairly consistent. i play music from a flash disk ( not a dingy USB stick , but a real flash 'harddisk' in a usb carrier. ) I have media shown on the front instrument cluster, left of the speed gauage.
i can tell when it is going to reboot. first the album art disappears , a few seconds later the artist name disappears. then everythin disappears. that panel shuts down. the speed gauge and right hand panel remain functioning.
then the music stops and the bug center display goes black to come back with the tesla logo.
when it is ready the music resumes typically one or two songs before what was playing.

It has nothing to do with the files. the files are perfectly fine all are M4A and they play perfectly fine on the next pass. it is random. some days it does not happen , some days it happens 4 or 5 times.

i took it to service on monday. The advisor stated they had a number of reports of this happening since 5.9 and that the engineers were on it. we should see 5.9.1 very quick.


I assume a flash drive takes less current than a real hard drive.

Could it be the real hard drive takes too much current and affects the 17" electronic function?

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