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service shakeup in LA?

Does anybody know what happened to Bob Sexton? He was the service manager at the LA store who brought Tesla and their customers through the early "teething" issues as early bugs and issues were resolved?
Bob was a service manager that we could really trust to take care of these expensive yet new vehicles. Through the recall on the spline bolt (a Lotus error) as well as surprises such as faster than expected tire wear, he kept a positive attitude and because of his clear straight-talking, knowledgeable approach, kept me confident that Tesla was being honest. History, of course, proved the car to be great but early on, we naturally were concerned.
I remember a few of his above-and-beyond efforts to install a critical, new firmware update at the first rally with no hassle at all to the customers. He worked his way through the parking lot as we partied. When our 1st generation HVAC (air conditioner) acted up and prevented our Roadster from charging, Bob worked around the clock, giving me his cellphone number to help troubleshoot and get my car taken care. Unlike many car company experiences, Bob just took care of things and gave good advice. He knew the car inside and out.
For some reason, last week, when I asked for Bob at the Tesla store in LA with questions about shipping our car, I was blankly told that he wasn't at Tesla any more but no other info and a new guy is there.
Bob was with Tesla from the earliest days. Who is going to nurse the Model S through its inevitable early stages of currently unknown issues?
Has anyone heard more? Is he working somewhere else so we can still take our Roadsters in (ours is out of warranty anyway)?

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