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Setting to disable auto-dim of mirrors

I'm not a fan of auto-dimming mirrors. I find the night/dim setting almost always too dark. Is there a setting - or can I submit a feature request - to enable/disable the auto-dim feature?


I'm a fan of them, but I agree that you should be able to turn them off if you want.

Get a clip-on mirror? Look for one with clips that don't block the light sensor in back (which also sets the day/night console switch). If you want fancier, you can get a clip-on mirror that includes a dash cam.

I don't think they can be because it most likely lacks the hardware that would allow the computer to adjust the feedback from the light sensor.

With my understanding of how it works it should be possible, but I don't think any car company has implemented the ability for the driver to adjust the dimming level. In my experience with dimming mirrors this would come in handy.

I thought the auto dimming mirror switch was in the Control menu where you can shut it off...under settings.

Like you I don't like auto-dimming mirrors; at night it's really difficult to spot a police cruiser...

There's no setting to turn off auto-dimming mirrors. But I did found a workaround. There is a light sensor in the center mirror(facing the driver), it's on the top edge and 1.5" left from the center. Place a small tape over it(eg electrical tape) will disable auto-dimming.

I've been using this workaround for months, it works very well.

If you worry about distraction from the tape, after a day or two you won't even notice the tape is there. This is mainly because the center mirror is large/tall enough to make this work well.

minewman: Wearing shades at night is not safe ;-)

That said, plakkertje over de lichtsensor en klaar is Kees.

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