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I feel like a stalker. I saw a white Model S driving on 112th near SE 8th in Bellevue about an hour ago. It was so beautiful. *sniff* It still had the temporary tag in the rear winshield.

I feel stupid because I actually did a double take. I didn't really get much of a change to look at it because I was driving in the opposite direction. Man, I love the LED lights. At some point, sightings aren't going to be a big deal, but I'm thinking that this is the first time I've seen a Model S in the hands of an owner (though I guess I don't know for a fact that it really was a customer owned car).

Was really nice to meet @Sagebrushnw at Eastlake on Saturday and enjoyed our chat (always glad to chat about the car!!)...have fun configuring yours in the coming days and don't hesitate to post here or e:mail me if you like ( if you have any questions.

Hi Joe - will keep a lookout for you as we're often up by the club or along 228th!!

There's a Black one up near us as well that I saw by Saffron this weekend as well. Agree with all the Model S owners up on the plateau we need to do a meet up sometime !!

Speaking of feeling like a stalker -- Followed one home on Queen Anne a few weeks back -- Owners welcomed (at least outwardly) my prying eyes and questions --- Thanks for taking the time!!
Still waiting on our own (ETA March). Solarcity coming this week for wall outlet install (no word on HPC from Tesla).

I saw another Sig-Red driving past Safeway in Sammamish yesterday and was honked at by a new Black Model-S with temp tags on the Alaska Way viaduct this morning in Seattle. Good to see more Model S's out there in the wild!

So cool to hear about other Model S's in Sammamish, though I have yet to see another one myself in town since I got my own a week ago (starting to see them more regularly in Bellevue/Redmond, though). If you see a green one, especially on 244th Ave., it's probably me. Wave or honk, my kids *love* seeing another Model S on the road.

I saw a white one at the Master Park garage at SeaTac last night. Was running to catch my plane so didn't get to take a good look at it. It was up front by the shuttle area.

Such a great looking car!

Saw a white, maybe gray one driving south on the Woodinville-Redmond road the other day! Hi neighbor!

I got delivery at the beginning of Jan. I drive a midnight blue Model S to and from work in Pioneer Square most days of the week. I've probably seen 4 other Model S's in total while driving mine around. It's a real treat. I just haven't been able to pull up next to one yet.

@joepruitt I saw your sig-red with KCK GAS plates parked at Bell Square on Sunday. Thought your plates were hilarious and took a photo to show my family. :)

Another Sammamish sighting... This time by my wife at our four year old's preschool. I might have to start driving him to school so I can stalk speak with the owner. :)

@joepruitt, I haven't seen you again, but I will be on the lookout.

@renadp - Glad you liked it! I tried to get KICKGAS but that one was taken. I tried parking in the Telsa spaces but they had it roped off with a few new deliveries in there. I'm getting a feeling that it's going to get harder and harder to find a "Tesla" space in Bel Square with all the new deliveries happening. I did see another ModelS in the public charging station next to the Tesla spots though. Just couldn't justify paying the charging fee when my 85kw never gets closed to empty.

@NickH - I work on Elliott Ave just West of the Key Arena and cut through Pioneer Square when the traffic on the Viaduct is too bad. I'll look out for you...

@dsecrist - do you have yours yet? If so, what's the color so I can be on the look out for you. If you see me, give me a honk...

@Salman - I live just off of 244th - maybe we'll cross paths...

Im in Auburn with mine. Saw a black one at the fire dept. in Sumner. Nice car!

Been happy to see a Sig Red parked in the AI garage at Bell Street Pier a couple of times now. Of course, I'll be happier when mine gets delivered in April/May, but it's still nice to see such a beautiful car before work.

Last night in Seattle, I was waiting at a red light on Mercer. I was in my dirty, unwashed green non-P85. A shiny blue P85 ( I think it had performance wheels, I never got a chance to see the wheels standing still, but I think they were perfomance wheels).

I didn't notice at first because I was messing with the radio. The other driver flahsed his high beams, and I noticed, so we waved at each other.

Later, we pulled alongside each other for a moment and waved again. It was fun lol.

I still haven't seen many Model S's driving around, so I don't really ever see one from the outside while it's in motion and all lit up. Man, it looks so cool.

70 were delivered lst week to the new Bellevue service center-when i picked mine up yesterday there were at 40 still there so we should be seeing many more in the coming days. i got 10 comments in a parking lot in the first hour I had the car.

We have seen one or two on the road daily while out and about on the Eastside for about the past month. I think we have seen almost every color on the road.

My Sig-Red had a meetup with BruceD's Silver in the Inglewood parking lot after the eastlake softball meeting. It's awesome to see multiple Model S's in one spot!

Sighting in Kent...February 27th, 7:06 AM west bound SE 256th St near Meridian Elementary...think Metallic Blue (maybe black). Saw car coming toward me and as it got closer saw the DRL "eyebrows" (harder to see with headlights on), then confirmed when sighting the Tesla "T" on the front. Wow! Made my day...happpens to be my "first" birthday present. Hope more to come!

I drove past a sig red on 5th heading to Pioneer Square yesterday. It was looking spectacular. Unfortunately we had to part ways all too soon. I also saw a grey S heading east on Pine near Broadway on Cap Hill a week ago or so. I'm pretty sure I spotted another one downtown a few blocks up some time in the past week as well. 3 in a week, not bad.

Just had to mention: I saw a black Model S in the cul-de-sac in front of my house this morning, and I had to stare at it a while to convince myself it wasn't mine. :-)

I have a green one, and it was so dark and dreary this morning the black one I was looking at could've easily been green or blue. I had to ask my kids what color they thought the car was, but in the end it was the different wheels that gave it away.

As of recently I was wondering if I would ever see one in the wild. Last Tuesday I happened to drive next to a black one as I merged on northbound 405 in Kirkland. I was so thrilled to finally see one that I honked my horn while I drove passed it. (...Yeah, it was the "Howdy-MS!-I'm-getting-mine-soon-too-honk" :)). I don't think that was obvious (I hope the driver is reading this, now you know at least!) Then during my lunch break later that day I drove around Lynnwood and saw a red one.

Then yesterday, noticed a car in front of me on 405N again going toward Mill Creek that had a distinct look from behind... another black MS! I was at the airport later in the day, and would you believe it, another black one was driving in front of me! I parked near it, but didn't get a chance to say hello to the owner.

So I guess the bottom line is: they are here in Seattle area! It must have been a sign of some sorts. Because this morning I got the good news....that my car is going into production next week and I also got the VIN. Now, only one more week till my delivery windows starts...

PS Sounds like these last two weeks must be the most grueling, perhaps?? :) I'm hoping a truck heading north to Seattle is standing by when my car rolls off the assembly line in Fremont soon.

Congrats. Yes the last couple weeks can be grueling.
I believe things have smoothed out at Tesla and the 2 week wait appears to no longer get pushed out by a few more weeks once, twice or thrice.

Early on there were eerie periods of radio silence accompanying the delays due the steep ramp up in events and resources being stretched beyond their limits.

I went through false labor a few times very early on when I got my delivery date(s) but that was during the Model S's infancy which was just a few short months ago. The end of Septmber optomistic estimate with October realistic estimate slipped to the real delivery at very end of November.

My, they have come a long way in a short period of time! This is exciting!

@sagebrush wow so there is another one in Kent, or at least someone who drives through Kent. I haven't seen it yet. I'm in Kent, and I have a green Model S. I know your sighting wasn't me because I would have still been sleeping lol.

@NickH - I was on 5th yesterday but didn't make it over to Pioneer Square. Must have been another Sig-Red floating through the city. If you see my plate KCK-GAS honk and say Hi.


I honked at someone in a green Model-S and waved, giving a thumbs up on 522 heading toward Woodinville just after Maltby a last Wednesday.

The guy looked startled and annoyed. Sorry if I bothered one of you, but come on--we're in a unique club and you're gonna get some attention!

Honk at my black Model S with plate TESLAFY anytime!


I had a Model S flash his lights at me a few weeks ago. I tried to honk back, but had to pound the wheel a few times before I found the horn, and by that time, he was long gone. :(

Today I sighted two.

One was my twin (Signature Red) parked in the U district by Jensen Boat Works.

We went to lunch at Voulas and parked next to a nice gentleman that just picked up his Gray Model S last Monday. I had the opporunity to congratulate him.

Saw Gas Les in my parking garage at Evergreen Plaza yesterday--nice car!

Sounds like my spouse works just a few short blocks away from you Epley.



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