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Something just disappeared on the 'My Garage' page

There used to be some text on the right hand side of the grey bar at the bottom (to the right of the reservation number and 'The Tesla factory is building your model S). Two questions if possible:

1. what is missing (I can't remember what use to be there)?

2. Does this mean anything significant (or has this disappeared for everybody)?

I'm P2159 btw.

I believe it was "last updated on" that used to be there. This doesn't affect everyone because I still have mine. It probably depends on whether you've finalized or not.

I finalized a long time ago and it disappeared on mine too-- much like the view button did to get a PDF of the vehicle.

One clarification -- the button didn't go away after finalizing, but did suddenly just disappear.

Thanks for the answers.

Does this mean the car is actually being made now?

My last communication with Tesla said to expect the car either very late dec or early jan.

Right now, i'd take that!

I guess there's going to be quite a bit of drama around Dec. 31. Delivered in 2012, or no?

The 'My Tesla' page claimed the factory was building my Model S for a month *after* I took delivery. It didn't change until I called it in, which I did so that I could get access to the online manuals. It was fixed within 24 hours.

My last communication was the same Jan./Feb.

I finalized just before the 60kwh pay for. Supercharging capability issue.

My contract got my hopes up with a nov./dec. delivery. I'm still hoping for Jan.

Prod reserv # 5664

Know canary - what's your number?


@kjwcanary. The 'last updated...' wording in my garage page has also disappeared. Could that be significant? I hope so. I am P1091, Brown, 85kw, pano roof, 19" wheels, and tech package. Maybe getting to make some P's?

Mine also just disappeared. I'm P5392, full loaded P85.

Holy cow, if they are starting to build P's in the 5000's, they may be about to get to the 500/week production numbers they have been aiming for.

If that's true, then all bets are off in terms of production this year - they could exceed the original 5000 by some margin.

Of course, all this is speculation based on the flimsiest of 'evidence'. I may be putting 2 and 2 together and making 5000 :-)

Or there could be some batching going on. Wonder how many people with a lower P number than me got a P85.

Sorry to spam the thread so much. My contract said Nov/Dec, and I recently inquired and they said either late 2012 or early 2013 which I'd imagine is similar to what you got kjwcanary.

I am P4821, 85khw, gray, tech and sound, 19". My last updated date also disappeared.

P7214 and "last updated..." info is still there. Hmmm...

P6918 - Perf85, last update disappeared too.

My last updated date also disappeared. Maybe they don't want to remind us how long it's been anymore....

@geolec - we have pretty much exactly the same config.

You are a person of fine taste!

Mine used to say "Last Updated" and had the last date that anything was modified and processed on my MVPA. Now it's dark.
Maybe they are updating software so we can be more informed and get more detailed info beyond the MVPA process. (I can only hope.)

I got my VIN last Friday and should be going into production any day now. It wasn't yet in production when I got my VIN as per my rep.

i'm P2452 and noticed the last update was gone a couple of days ago as well... We know for sure that the vehicles produced this year will not be much more than 3000, 5000 is an old number. I am assuming JAN still. I was surprised that the conference call today mentioned that demand for the performance has exceeded their expectations to the point that there is a bit of a supply issue, but not a real supply issue (according to Elon's comments. I like the idea that this may be a software update to allow more up to date delivery info.

#6352 mine also disappeared a few days ago. Delivery est. is Jan/Feb. so I would also assume it's just a software thing. 60kwh, blue, tan, pano, tech.

Something new showed up today instead of date. Design icon that takes me to my specific order. Better than just a date.

Interesting. View Design button reappeared on my page. Still says factory is building my car, even though it has been in Seattle for two days, and is scheduled for delivery in under 12 hours.

Which info do you think is correct??


The day after it was delivered the status changed to delivered and I had the manuals button.

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