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Supercharger at Hawthorne CA - Be Careful

9 pm 4/12/04

Coming out of Jack Northrop Ave making left on Crenshaw towards the 105. Large pothole on right side lane between Jack Northrop and W 120th St heading north. Please be careful and avoid right lane. Destroyed both right front and rear tires and severe damage both my 21 wheels.

Pulled over at nearest safe parking area. Two other cars with same wheel damage. (Mini and Honda)

Sorry to hear about the damage, but thanks for the "heads up". I have added this to the Supercharger Tips page.

We hit the potholes on Sunday the 13th! No blow outs but the 21' rims on front and back right are severely damaged. Be careful. It's more like a big hole than a pothole!

I'm not familiar with the process but have heard that you can get the city to reimburse you for damage to wheels and/or flat tires due to potholes. A google search would probably turn up some info.

A claim against a California city for damage to personal property has to be presented within six months from the damage. Filing a claim and having it denied is a prerequisite to filing suit, and cities routinely deny claims for property damage. The City of Hawthorne doesn't seem to have a claim form online, but the City Clerk probably has a paper form.

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