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Swapable cell?

I've recently heard about BetterPlace and its one fantastic idea! Unfortunately, Tesla does not agree with BetterPlace.

It looks like Tesla wants different batteries for different cars and I do agree with them. Tesla is one hell of an EV company with unparalleled battery technology. On the other hand, Battery swapping is an amazing idea. So what now? We have an efficient transport technology and a great solution for the limited mileage holding back EV boom. But why are EV still no competition to oil driven vehicles?

Well.. What if BetterPlace followed a standard swapable 'cell'. Then Tesla could make different batteries for different cars whose cells can be replaced at any BetterPlace station! It'll be just like different gasoline types (and maybe Tesla cells would be Premium).. different capacities, more companies (more competition), lesser costs.

Where Tesla and BetterPlace do not agree

Different batteries suit different cars
- Rawlinson
Batteries are made of cells. If the cell is of a standard shape and made removable, we could use different cells for different cars whatever be the battery shape (Rawlinson's problem solved). Then anything like BetterPlace could be a common place for swapping the cells.

BP is likely to be dead, soon. Its model implicitly requires the battery &/or car to be leased. Also, the density of coverage of swap stations required is really achievable only in a small country like Israel or Denmark. Even in France, it's almost impossible. The idea in North America is laughable.

Lots of threads here have discussed it.

Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction. Unnecessary threads just make the topic messier to follow.

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