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Tesla delivery

Delivery of my car wasbrought forward from october to september 26


@paas, what's your configuration? Some rumors have it that less-optioned specs are getting built early; some rumors have it that P cars are getting built early. Is a puzzlement.

Also: Don't bet the farm. The DS giveth and the DS taketh away.


Congrats!! Tesla is VERY good at getting deliveries done before quarter-end.

@tes-s +1

If some cars can't make it to overseas destinations, it is smart to pull some US builds back into this quarter for a good delivery number. Those in HK and Australia had been pushed back a few times this year.

bonaire, I scheduled my fall week off for the last week of September for this very reason. My delivery date is September 12th, and while it may get delayed, after seeing the mad rush Tesla did for end of Q2 I figured they'd move heaven and earth to make sure I get mine by end of Q3 at the latest.

Of course I'm still holding out hope they regain stride and my delivery is on time. I'm fairly certain work will be fine if my day off for delivery has to shift, but better safe than sorry on full vacation plans that are not so easy to shift!

Don't make major planning commitments around that date.

Do you really want your car to be an end-of-quarter rush job?

@karmamule me and you have same Delivery Date...but mine is in Fremont...I think yours is not. Stay in touch if yours changes. My DS on Tues said all good for 9-12-14. Fingers crossed.

@psrenv That's right, I'm in Boston so a number of days travel are added on for me. Crossing my fingers for you too! :)

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