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Tesla floor mats vs 3rd party

I am currently waiting for my MS to arrive in the next month or two but in the meantime I have been hearing lots of rumblings about the floor mats that come with the car. Thus I have decided it is probably best to get new mats prior to delivery. I have heard people mention Lloyd Mats (Lux and standard) and I have also heard people mention the mats tesla sells in their online store. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback as to which are better? Which ones stay in place better? Which look best, etc. I'm not sure if there have been any comparisons, in which case any feedback from people that have either would be appreciated. Thanks.

question for me is whether Lloyds Ultimts will be durable v the mud and rain in Pacific NW. i know theres another thread on this but any thoughts on Weathertech floorliners?

that's Ultimats!

If anyone has a picture of how any of the 3rd party mat colors look with a light tan interior, that would be great!

Also, which color matches the tesla black carpet best? I have heard people mention both black and ebony. If anyone has either of those would love feedback and pictures if possible. Thanks.

@mlaiken - I got black ultimats and it matches the car carpet very closely, to the point that you would have to look closely at the border between them to notice the difference.

I read on a post over at TMC that they received a car last week that had improved factory mats, however still nothing for the back seat area. Has anyone heard about improved mats?

Interesting discussion. Any suggestion for the trip to the hardware store or the nursery, with the back seats down? I'm thinking simple tarp from home depot (6x10 ft, should also cover front seat when laying flat [I assume that is possible] for long items). Fold it up and put in the rear well to keep it out of the way.
I've never cared about this sort of thing with a beat-up prius with 185K on it. Looking forward to a pimped up ride.
Already ordered the TM mats, had not discovered this thread yet. Oh well ...

@inverts - I haven't had need to transport big stuff in my Model S yet, but in previous cars I just put down a sheet. I might put a bit more padding around the sides in the Model S if it is something I worry might bang into the sides, but otherwise I expect to do the same.

I have always used moving blankets in my cars to cover those areas and keep them (relatively) clean.

If anyone is interested I have a full set (fronts, rears, trunk, frunk) of Lloyds Ultimats for sale. They are Parchment to match my tan interior, but I've decided I prefer black carpets.

I tried to return them but instead was charged a restocking fee (because they are custom) and was told I can do with them what I my loss is your gain.

Anyone want a set of brand new, unused, still with original tags on Ultimats? At deep discount off retail? In original box?

If so, jump over to TMC in this thread and PM me.

Link to TMC with my (poor) photo. Good thread overall.

My short answer/opinion, Lloyds are great! Ultimats are more than adequate, no need for the Luxe.

My follow up:

Regarding floor mats, I actually over-bought (Lloyds, see pictures in the TMC post). In hindsight, you need a better set of front mats, and a matching set of back-seat mats. The way my car arrived, I really didn't need a better-quality fronk mat, trunk mat, or under-trunk mat. Phoenix isn't snow and ice country -- just dust. I could have solved the floor mat issue for about half of what I purchased. (Welcome to being an early adopter.)

Just received the Tesla Premium floor mats. they look pretty good and they match. It would be nice if the logo were larger, but I think they will do fine. I have to install the Toyota carpet tacks on them however, so that they don't slide around or I run the risk of "losing control of the car".

I bought the Tesla Premium floor mats and my biggest gripe so far has been that the white rubber backing is flaking off. I constantly find white dust in the trunk area. This is exasperated because I like to fold over the rear trunk mat to access the lower storage compartment. Oh, and the trunk mat is rather stiff, which makes folding it almost impossible.

My car is gray/grey, or if you prefer grey/gray. So I bought the Llyods Lux medium grey. Why? I thought the grey would match the grey interior, except now I wish I got black or ebony. Same as Nick, I have the restocking penalty, but I don't really want to bother to sell. Why Lux? I wondered if the thicker pile would possibly make the car quieter, as the car is not as quiet as my old car at highway speed. I think it does, but I don't want to go to the trouble of proving the decibel.

Oh, reading the complaints about how hard it is to attach to the floor, I did not bother. They just sit on the floor, and they seem to stay just fine.

I now have the Tesla mats for the frunk, interior and trunk.

The only concern I have is how the rear trunk mat works in conjunction with the trunk well storage. I've built a temporary trunk well cover until the Tesla part comes in - and it's difficult to get into the rear trunk well to put items into the hidden storage.

I just got the interior mats, assuming that if I'm going to carry something messy in the trunk or frunk I will cover it with a drop cloth or something like that. I have not seen a white backing on my floor mats. The backing is black rubber with the standard type of carpet spikes to hold them in place.

@ David Trushin /b> | FEBRUARY 28, 2013: The backing is black rubber with the standard type of carpet spikes to hold them in place.

Yes, that's true for the mats in font of the seats. I was referring to the trunk mat.

Edit: Yes, that's true for the mats in front of the seats. I was referring to the trunk mat.

I saw someone on another thread extol the virtues of covering mats. Does anyone here have an opinion on those? I looked up the reviews for them at and they weren't that positive. Some folks raved about them but others complained about them not covering as much space as factory mats. These were for other cars though. I don.t think I saw a tesla review. Lastly does anyone have an opinion on AutoSport mats. I have no info on those. I am looking to buy a full set of mats for my black interior car so any advice would be appreciated.

Our Tesla Model S mats from Coverking are a perfect fit. Went with their 70 oz. material, much more plush than any of the Lloyd's we had seen in other Teslas.

Just compare their free samples with mats from any other maker.

BTW, have yet to see a Costco review from a Tesla owner.

In case anyone doesn't want to spend the extra $$$ on a rear-cargo area mat, I recently bought this at my local Pep Boys, and it works great for things I don't want soiling my rear cargo factory carpet...

Has anyone who bought the Lloyds Ultmats not installed the hooks, and had any slipping problems?

I just got my Lloyds Ultmats, and would prefer not to install hooks if possible.

Got Lloyd's Tru Berber mats in beige. They have a tan/black blend that goes very well with the tan interior. Cost ~ $130 for all 3 interior mats.

I got Lloyds Luxe, and I don't use the hooks. They stay in place just fine, look and feel great, good color, and I believe they have a better warranty than the Ultimats. They also are treated with Scotchgard.

I just ordered the Lloyd mats from the link below and they have a 25 $ discount code/sale going on if you order anything 199 and up.
Look at the top of the website


Did you get the Coverking through Costco or direct from Coverking?
I could not see how to get the 70oz through Costco - only option is 40oz. (Costco is cheaper, $69 vs $99)


Ordered a front set thru Amazon. They sent rear strip in error. Asked for an exchange, finally settled for a full refund.

Meanwhile ordered a rear strip thru CarCovers4Less. Same price, free shipping, 10% discount, and no tax. (Worked with "Tasha").

Super quick delivery from Anaheim, CA. So also ordered the front set from CarCovers4Less. Quick and easy!

Today's comment, from a real estate broker. "These are nicer than most carpets I see in multi-million dollar waterfront homes!"


Any chance of snapping a picture of your 1st and 2nd row mats in place?

Also, with the thicker pile have you had any "fat-footed" accelerator issues?


I confess.
I bought the Costco mats, black with carpet insets for around $16.

So far, even when doing ranch duty, they trap dirt just fine and are easily cleaned.
I really didn't want any lettering on the floor and needed mats NOW!

And, most importantly, my wife approves of them- it was her comments and encouragement that got us to buy our MS last February.

Nearly 3000 miles so far after a Dec 31st delivery. And I noticed we have used about 4 gallons of gas since then in our other cars.

Love this car!

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