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For the Tesla Gen III, what 100 new features would you like to imagine or see available ?

Teslarians, what futuristic, hitech, game changer, ultra green, uber-cool, alto safety, mass production friendly, cost reducing, profit increasing features should Tesla's next generation, Gen III, vehicle have ? Also include Model C, S & X.

Whether large or small, simple or complex, technical or not, what are your ideas ?

To get started, here are some thoughts:

1) Put see through glass Tesla Shield  
   on hood  made of painted glass. The
   shield and letter T are left clear glass 
   and shows off the frunk by day. At 
   night a Hue light , with millions of 
   color variations can can be turn on 
   inside the frunk to light up the shield 
   and T during night driving.

2) Have detachable Household AC plug  
 battery  packs near base of seats  
 powered by solar panels on roof.

3) Anti crash system stops car from
  running into things. Qualifies for   
  insurance discount?

4) Retractable semi-opaque, tinted sun
 visors controlled by button on
 steering wheel similar to pulling down  
 a window shade electronically. It's 
 more functional because it allows the 
 driver to control visor on driver's 
 window, passenger window, and both 
 sides of the windshield. Could this be the world's best sun visor?

5) Have all wheels turn to 90 degrees,
  great for parallel parking. Have car
  capable of self parking.

6) Create @tesla/ Internet
    extension  for car related services 
    only to compliment .com sites. 

The .car extensions have voice only interface, with limited button pushing similar to a radio, no texting except through voice to text.

7) Shape the red tail lights as close
  as possible to the Tesla T Logo.
  Red led lights across bumper under
  the plate spell out Tesla Motors EV
  and highlight when brakes applied.

8) Equip Gen III with two sliding doors
  or 4 regular doors. To create
  easier access the opening door
  includes 1/3 of the roof. Also press a
  button in the door jamb to slide the
  front seats forward.

   A variation of this, have 1/3 strip of 
   roof retract toward the center of the 
   roof when you open the door.

9 ) NFD Near Field Discounts auction.
  Type in lunch etc. 5 miles distance, 
  2hrs for exa and nearby Merchants 
  continuously update bids against  
  each other on giving you    
  discounts for lunch.

10) KeyPay/CarPal digitized keychain 
      can be used to pay electronically, 
      and receits  are tagged& organized 
      into personal & business categories 
      for taxes. Syncs with smartphone 
      app and car consol to store info on the web.

11) Computerized self parking, both 
      back in and parallel .

See previous comment. This is the third copy of your post I've seen. Once is indeed enough.

@Brian H
I am sorry. You are right, I should not have done that.
It's only that I am surprised about it that nobody knows anything about it.

Thnx for the comments KeiJidosha & Benz. On the quantum dot paint, feel free to post any new links you run into for the science readers out there. Sounds like something solar city may eventually get into. Solar related items might be good things to sell in the Tesla company store, maybe someday you could buy solar paint for your house to match color coordinate with your solar car from Tesla, way cool.

Follow up for Model X entertainment version:

Let's introduce the "life drive". One thing it does is facilitate the family entertainment aspect of the Model X. What it is: the world's biggest hard/flash drive, 1 " inch thick , bolted onto the skate battery, it covers the whole battery and has an un-godly amount of storage capacity. Now what does it do? (For apple fans, some of this is also applicable to large screen iTVs apple could develop along the same lines).

Remember Google is a Tesla early investor/partner. They sell tablets also. Putting a detachable tablet in a docking station behind each seat and hooked into the worlds largest hard drive has a lot of futuristic synergism. For example, it could get more use and efficiency from your cable service without a change in price.

Here's how it would work. While your MX is in your garage, it downloads and all the cable shows for a whole month and stores them on the gigantic MX life drive. Now instead of recording your favorite shows, everyone in the non-driver seats has access to all the shows for the whole month immediately. Watch a whole month's worth of your favorite show. In addition, with voice control, you tell the car to download different shows to different google tablets, (and smart phones), which you can then detach and take into the house, or wherever, for viewing. Each child & adult can have their own tablet for viewing, everyone watching their own shows.

Before going on, time to invent the world's best earphones, which I'll call iSpheres or earspheres, to replace earbuds.

The breakthrough is : 1) The shape of the outdated earbud is changed into a tiny ball, and radiates sound in all directions instead of just one direction which improves the chances of sound bouncing off your ear ridges correctly. 2) The end of the thin earbud cord is supported by a thin moveable / bendable metal wire that holds the sound sphere wherever you want it inside your ear. After you wrap it behind your ear, you then bend the sound sphere into your ear, exactly where you hear best, which is different for different people. Small enough to fit into your ear canal if necessary, a little volume goes a long way. No more smashing disc shape buds into your ear canal, no more earbuds falling out. Apple etc are you listening? Sell in Tesla store. Patent.

Now the life drive on the MX gives you dynamic access to to all you cable channels for everyone in the house. So one of its functions is a giant DVR, which is normally a $15. cable fee. Google provides the tablets at low cost. Each tablet is additional cost, but it goes everywhere, so it may not be an extra cost. And the tablets are upgradable.

Now the MX can stream to house TVs', if capable, and you have eliminated cable DVR fees, generally $15 a month or more. Also let the MX cars life drive /DVR record all the free TV stations, even if you have no cable, for your later review. Never miss a show again.

But how about other cable cost reductions by the life drive? The recording feature may allow you to buy additional cable channels by the hour. Say $2/hr, not as cheap as Netflix , but the cable companies make the same per hour, maybe more, while you may save money if you don't watch all 1500 channels in your cable bundle. Cable companies may like it because it allows you to try out different tier channels.
And of course the life drive gives you access to all Google's cable shows present and future, which google may increase as time goes on.

Also include on the life drive a complete free, or nearly free college education , tutoring and / or mentoring with links to free online tutoring and , or college courses for college credit, degrees and advanced standing, see link below, this idea is gaining popularity. Buy a car, get 50 % off on your kids education.

What else could the MX life drive do? How about record scenery on video while on vacation. On/off, save/delete as needed with voice assistant moving pointable cameras.

Another use, non-moveable cameras record all traffic around the car while moving or parked. In an accident this allows you to prove fault in a moving accident, or have evidence if hit while parked. The video saved on the life drive.

Also use the MX life drive to backup all your electronics, in addition to cloud backup.

What happens if the life drive ever gets full ? The system automatically deletes old and unprotected stuff

Then what happens when the battery / life drive is replaced? Others say keep the battery (now with life drive) for battery house backup. Why not a kit to turn your used battery ( now with life drive ) , into a table, with plugs ( 110 & 220 ). The power goes out at the house, you have a movable table of energy and you still have access to all your hard drive stuff backed up on life drive, not to mention any stored video content. A Tesla software program can allow your computers / devices to access the life drive table, the worlds largest hard drive. Plus its a household backup battery.

I think so "Tesluthian" heheheh!

dietas rapidas y efectivas

Time to announce, we reached 100 suggestions, granted not all Gen III ideas, but I did leave it open to other models as well. Shall we keep going ? I suppose one way to get more ideas would be to just make a list of all the other options or features on all the other automobiles and sorting out good ideas. 

Another method, go to Sharper Image store, electronic stores or similar and see what gadgets can be incorporated somewhere onto the car somehow. Others read tech advances. Remember the original iPod ? It incorporated an advancement in storage capacity to incorporate 10,000 songs into your pocket, should the next iPod be a flexible, multi-panel, customizable bracelet with a 100 % surface display for a watch that stores or streams a 100,000 songs ? Complete with bluetooth or earspheares ? How about  changing the entire panel for 
maps and a gps chip for walking directions and tourist info etc? This combines jewelry, watches, ipod,  gps, some computer and internet ability without increasing your gadget  count.

The original iPhone was a killer device because  incorporated advances in chip speed & processing to put a computer into a phone to give it regular computer functions plus some. 

Now if we go on how far should we go ? Why not a logarithmic increase next to 1000 ideas ?

I was was just noticing how many logarithmic in production increases Tesla has had,lets say 4 logarithmic increases in production. Or they went from 2, 20, 200, 2000 & now heading to 20,000 cars produced a year. That was the easy part of the curve, the next two logarithmic increases from 20,000 to 200,000 to 2,000,000 cars a year will be much much harder. Entirely new things may need to be considered.

It will be much easier to go from 100 Gen III etc. at ideas to 1000 ideas. So I don't think it will hurt to try, will just take a little longer. If you enjoy posting ideas, keep on going. I think we have at least one good Gen III idea so far. How about you. What is your favorite idea, not yours, that was posted so far, and why? For me it was the tilting drivers seat to make it easier to get in and out of the Gen III, presumably a smaller car because sounds inexpensive and very effective and something customers would appreciate.

@ Tesluthian

I like the idea of the "life drive". This could really add value to the car.

What I like the most is this part:
"Another use, non-moveable cameras record all traffic around the car while moving or parked. In an accident this allows you to prove fault in a moving accident, or have evidence if hit while parked. The video saved on the life drive." This would be a real step forward, I think.

The life drive would have to be mostly shielding, to protect from high-velocity rocks and debris!

They will come up with a solution.

A solution that does not add mass would be amazing, as in science-fictional.

Gracias Maríaluna3210, pero yo no soy ni gordo ni flaco, me vendría bien un poco más de ejercicio. This Google translator works pretty good, heheheh!


About, "...record all traffic...".
Insurance companies would love it, we could be talking insurance premium discount here.

I agree with you on this. It would make things much less complicated. Video footage to prove wat really happened and who is to be blamed for the accident. Very useful stuff.

make a shorter version of model S with door of the bmw i8 concept the controls of the vehicle projected all around the windshield with the level opacity with controls of leap motion to end with a GPS that uses the windshield for augmented reality like that no cost of screen for the controls just a film in the windshield that keeps the light of a projector that displays all the data and all the control with the leap motion sensors and to put all that tech inside and keep it under 30 k just put an electric motor less powerful then your model S and that will be be a best seller

Like your ideas Wesley, got any links ? Sounds cool.

To add to your idea, how about discount ads on bottom of windshield ? I say have local ads pop up for discounts at vendors as you drive by them, to appear on bottom of windshield where you only see the hood of the car. Same as reading advertising signs really.

Also on bottom of windshield have local charging stations pop up as you approach them to ease range anxiety as you see how many there really are and where they are along your typical routes.

Hopefully the two will merge, get a discount and cheap fuel.

In view of the recent NYT's article jacking up range anxiety, how about this idea:

When the audio warning announcement comes on about low charge saying "charge now", have directions to the nearest charging stations, within range, also pop up on screen and announced. So you just choose one and the directions to the station automatically pop up.

The ad for this feature could read, "So effective, even John Broder could find the nearest charging station and never run out !

I know the NYT's article was a hatchet job. It was planned to fail and hide the truth by the reporter. Not even local EV drivers drive a couple hundred miles, leave their EV unplugged all night in the freezing cold, then try to drive another couple hundred miles and expect the car to stay charged. So why would you be any less conservative on a long distance trip and plan it that way ?

That said, range anxiety is a dragon that will keep on firing anxiety untill completely slain. Mr Musk has slain dragons before, e.g. doubters of EV performance, styling, & desirability and he can continue to do so with these latest obfuscations unfairly presented and manufactured to discourage and confuse rather than enlighten and improve. So yes Mr Broder got his money shot, but paid for it with his credibility.

So yes complain to the NYT's on their article and let's keep coming up with ideas to slay that dragon.

Next time on the road "look around you" MOST people don't drive "high performance" cars. IMHO too much emphasis is placed on sheer performance when in reality most families drive rather ordinary cars Taurus, Camry, Maxima, Altima, Malibu, Fusion, Accord, and the list goes on and on. None are "High Performance" cars yet Camry and Taurus have both been #1 sellers in the U.S. at one time or another.

Gen III MUST be affordable with "near" ICE like capability or it will just be another high priced BEV "STILL" on the bleeding edge of Joe Car Buyer. I don't care if the car goes 0-60 in a heartbeat, Yes it's nice "I guess" but if that were what everyone is looking for then surely Camry would NEVER be as popular as it was or is.

Gen III CANNOT be a "subcompact" It must be a family sized car that is usable to get the kids to school, grocery shop, seat at least 5 and have some cargo capacity. The most popular car has NEVER been the fastest from 0-60, It's always been a functional practical car.

Gen III must be such that for the first time some families and individuals could consider it their "only" or primary car in their stable. If Tesla wants thousands of BEV's on the road then they need to make Gen III practical and leave the 0-60 stuff to the $70k super cars as most don't need it and can't afford to pay a premium to get it.

All I need it to get to work, the bank, the grocery store, the school, out to dinner, and once in awhile a weekend getaway! I'll take RANGE over face stretching performance any day and if the sales figures carry any weight ... so will lot's of others.

super, Super. From the point of view of the 'driving force' of the household, the super-car is more 'boys and their toys'. If you have a choice, sell the woman of the house on the car, and stir in enough pizazz to appease the man. Note that Elon decided to delay the next Roadster till the "Bluestar" was on the roads.

Btw, it's hundreds of thousands TM wants to put on the roads (and eventually millions); the thousands was Roadster, and tens of thousands the Model S. Indeed, it and the X and the "variants" should add up to hundreds of thousands in a few years.

@ Superliner


There's one catch in GenIII "affordable car". As Superliner says it needs to be practical. In order to be practical it needs be big enough not to be "subcompact" and have large enough range to be able to use SC network. As such it will have rather largish battery. Well, with large battery you have power, making powerful car is then kind of unavoidable thing that happens as side-effect of it being practical. Motor and PEM for that power are one of the cheapest things in the car.

If you want more practicality and give it 4WD, you just added more power to the equation. To give more range you want to make it as light as economically viable, again you increase performance. Small(er) size and aerodynamics to give more range=more performance.

You can't avoid it. You don't have to design it to be fast and powerful, you just get that if you make it practical.

Let's leave it to Elon Musk, JB Straubel, Franz von Holzhausen and all the other people at Tesla Motors. They can and will make the Gen3 a big success. Have faith and patience.

Oh, pipe down with the platitudes. Geez. No-one imagines they are taking control of the design of the GenIII car. But TM samples and reads forums, especially TMC and this, for a sense of what people want, and even for specific issues that arise. They don't need your protection.

BrianH, Benz, Timo, & Superliner,

Google Glass is soliciting for idea people right now, only cost you $1500 for the glasses. At Tesla, and other smart companies, such as smartphone software app makers, you get to do suggestions for free, no purchase necessary!

Ok let's design. Elon Musk likes the term "compelling value", for exa, I noticed he likes maximum seating, plus cargo space as Team Tesla achieved masterfully in the MS.

Now everyone agrees the Gen III is going to be a little shorter on length, that still leaves two dimensions, width & height, let's keep those the same to give us maximum potential for space, seating and cargo.

Next lets do something different, another Tesla trait. Let's multitask and redesign the rear hatch, like they did with the battery. The Gen III hatch now opens like French Doors, like some cargo vans. Double hinge them, and these doors could even fold all the way back out of the way against the body of the car.

Ok now what,  it's open, what's the multi-task? Here it comes. The standard sunroof  works backward, it retracts from the back to the front opening up a huge space. On the floor area a step flips out and you now can step up and into the rear of the Gen III. This 2nd task of the hatch is paid for by reducing the doors from 4 to 2. 

Next we have to redesign the rear seats for entry  from the French door style hatch. Very simple, line the seats Lengthwise along the sides of the car, two adults on the left seats face two adults sitting on the right. This leaves the middle of the interior open for cargo. There is also cargo space under the seats.  The seats are foldable or remove able for a huge all in one cargo space of the complete rear of this Gen III car.

In tight spaces entry to the rear is the same as a regular 2 door car, the backs of the front seats fold forward. Plus the standard captains chairs in the front slide back and swivel into the back area. We now have a Gen III that seats six. Two adults in front, two adults in left rear and two adults in the right rear.  We did this by combining rear seating area and rear trunk storage into one bigger space; more space efficient seating design, and keeping the width and height of this Gen III model the same as the MS.

We still might have room for smaller foldable children seats in the north and south of the seating area in the rear. Now it's six adults & 2 children, more than MS.

Next the third use of the French Door hatchback, which  I'm going to call the Lagone Cargo Bed. Refers to CNBC's TV reporter Ken Lagone, who complained the MS doesn't have space to haul a washer, dryer, 12 foot carpet or 2 X4's. You create the Lagone Cargo Bed by taking out all the rear seats. Open the double hinged French Doors all the way back againstt side of car. And retract the rear sun roof toward the front. Because this Gen III is same width as the MS, this creates over 4 feet of  open width space. Because the rear sun window retracts to the front, you have all the height space you need. This will accommodate almost any washer or dryer you care to haul, Mr Ladrone could even haul a six foot double stacked washer & dryer.

But there's more, what if you want to haul a 12 ft carpet or 12 foot lengths of 2 x 4's ? It can be done as well as a washer or dryer. Close the Sun window and the French Doors. Each French Door has its' own big glass window surrounded by metal framing on the top half of the door. These windows slide down. Slide in two 12 foot, rolled up carpets. The center metal frames of the open French Door windows give you a post to tie up and latch the carpet to. If some carpet still droops down outside the open hatch windows, you still have room to insert some 12 foot 2 x 4's to support and latch onto the carpet rolls.

Now let's say Ken Lagone finished installing his washer, dryer & carpet. Next he wants to pick up a foursome for golf. No problem, put 1/2 the seats back into the GenIII, this leaves half the back area completely open. Two adults can comfortably sit in the back with four golf bags lying horizontal or secured upright. If Mr Lagone needs to find a golf course, he can use the GenIII's new onboard search engine which only lists establishments with PEV charging, another compelling value and range anxiety cure.
And the compelling values in seating and cargo space, were made possible by reinventing & multi-tasking the rear hatch French doors.

Now let's solve a problem I've heard mentioned in the Tesla Forums, DON'T FORGET TO PUT ON THE ROOF RACK !  If your hauling a six foot double stacked washer & dryer, it can help secure it. If the roof rack has cross members for something heavy, make sure they are removable for that unexpected six foot washer & dryer haul. Of course the roof rack's other main use is for luggage, bikes, canoes & other sports equipment.

Another amenity, ice battery terminal, to jump start stalled ice cars, and visa versa an ice car could juice up a stalled EpV.

We'll call this GenIII model SBBTT for Superliner, BrianH, Benz, Timo & Tesluthian; or the Joe Car Buyer model.

Gen III Model SBBTT,

The Gen III car battery should have wireless charging as well as supercharging. Tesla, Nissan and others should work collaboratively on this for comparability of systems. Retail stores might be very interested in such a system in there parking lots at least for a couple of spaces. Not as fast as supercharging, but I'm sure a store like Walmart wouldn't mind if you walked around there store for a couple hours. Cities could even get in on the act with wireless charging parking meters.

Another thing for Gen III, home charging should improve to at least 75 miles of charge per hour or more.

It should also be possible to do an Internet search on a Gen III car for hotels, restaurants etc and specify to only show results of companies with some form of PEV charging available.

Gen III should come with a spare tire, because Average Joe Car Buyer don't want to call no tow truck for a flat tire, he wants to change the tire himself & save the money. But where to put it ?

Food a sheet of paper in half. Hold the folded part in front of your face horizontally. Hold the far loose side open about 40 degrees. This horizontal angle or crease created could extend out in front of the Gen III grill. From the front of the hood to the bottom of the skirt, this area could extend out about 18 more inches and come to more of a crease or wedge.

This would do 2 things, 1) Increase the aerodynamics. 2) Provide an interior frunk space for the spare tire.
The tire would be about 2/3's inside this space and project 6-7 inches into the frunk. A spare tire was a very popular Tesla Forum wish item and should be at least an optional item.

Now for the Klingon Windshield & Hood:
Take your folded sheet of folded paper and turn it vertically, folded side closest to you. Open the far side almost all the way. Now imagine this slight crease coming down through the windshield , continuing through the hood, down through the grill, giving the whole vehicle a slight arrow shape. It's a little like a Klingon's forehead.

So now this Gen III MK (Model Klingon) has both a horizontal & Vertical crease or wedge. Hopefully , this would make the car much more aerodynamic , 10-15% ? Need a wind tunnel. Make for some fun concept car sketches. How about a Gen III Cabriolet Convertible, Klingon style ?

I think you invented GenIV. Or GenV. Even for Elon, there is such a thing as biting off more than you can chew. Which he explicitly expresses as, "Success must be one of the possible outcomes."


Unfortunately, Elon did sound like he pulled a couple all nighters right before that last conference call, thnx to NYT. I guess your referring to immediate practical ideas like the wireless creep update. And I tend to be more futuristic, lol.

I don't mean to drive you crazy, but I'm planting a garden starting with seeds and your looking for the next meal. Still if you read carefully, I do slip in a couple of practical, easy to chew, snack items once in awhile, like roof or luggage rack. Another doable item being wireless charging compatibility, maybe not on the first Gen III platform model, but later models. My understanding is Tesla will eventyally build multiple different models on the Gen III platform.

Meaning 5 to 10 years from now, new Gen III model designs could still be rolling off the assembly line. So a lot of my ideas would be geared toward ideas for later models, 5 to 10 years from now. I 'm not suggesting they start doing all these things next week!

Tesluthian, Tesla motors is not making futuristic cars, just cars. They use techs that are proven and mature. GenIII "affordable car" will be basically smaller version of Model S, shorter, narrower and cheaper.

In fact there is not one thing in their cars that has not been in use somewhere already, it's just the combination that is revolutionary.

That's also the reason why I find it very puzzling how none of the big ones have not done similar concept already. Tesla is basically putting together quite a few "obvious" things, things that for some reason don't seem to be obvious to anybody else.

Wireless charging already exist. Go to Siemens website and look for electric car charging. They charge just like your electric toothbrush.
I think the most important for the next or existing models is to take advantage of all the new battery technology to lower the price on the car.

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