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Tesla S selected as car for High School Raffle

The Parent Association at Garfield High School in Seattle chose the Tesla S sedan for the car to raffle to raise money for programs to improve academic achievement. Educating students is an expression of hope and optimism about the future and the Tesla represents that future. For information about raffle tickets for the March 1 drawing contact

That's you offering to be the "friend" to all MS fans. A workable workaround. If you're reliable and honest! >;)

I am, heh heh (twists mustache).

We're coming down to the end here. We have ticket sales events scheduled for a final push.

Saturday 8-12 at Tully's on 19th Ave. E.
Saturday 11:30-3:00 at U Village QFC
Sunday 11:30-3:00 at U Village QfC
Monday 3:30-6:30 at West Seattle PCC

We've had a few generous people volunteer to show their cars at these events. For the four events listed above, we have everything covered except the first half of the Saturday event at U Village QFC. If you would like to show your car tomorrow to potential ticket purchasers, please drop an email to It is sort of fun to tell people about this great car, and you will be helping a good cause.

How full is the thermometer?

I got an email at 10:30 this morning (Saturday) saying that there are only 120 tickets left. I expect that they will sell out by mid week. Do you have yours? :)

Also, several people volunteered to show their cars, and we now have the time slots covered.

Oops. I just heard that 63 tickets were sold today. I don't know whether all of those are subtracted from the 120 remaining, or whether the 120 number was determined after some of those tickets were sold.

It is odd though that you have to be there for the money prizes but not for the Tesla. Is someone eager to deliver it maybe a week or so after the raffle ;-P


I think they are trying to add a little incentive to get you to buy a ticket to the auction as well. And once you are at the auction, you can bid on lots of other stuff. Personally, I'd rather have a root canal than go to a charity auction.

I think that the tickets will sell out in the next day or two (the raffle is Friday). I want to thank everybody on this forum who participated, and particularly those of you who volunteered to show your car at one of the sales events. I believe that this group contributed a great deal to the fundraising effort.

Glad you get to max out on the net proceeds, though I suppose you'd be better off if the winner took a $50K check? How would you work that out with TM?

Will be very interested in the winner, and how the car gets its new home.

Wish I lived in WA. Good luck to all ticket holders!


I don't know what happens if the winner elects to take the $50k. However, the PTSA would have plenty of cash to pay the prize, and I suspect TM would not insist that the PTSA purchase the car (or would perhaps take $5k as a reservation deposit). Regarding how the car gets delivered, the winner probably picks it up in Seattle.

As mentioned before, I have no connection to the raffle. I first met Phil when he delivered my tickets (my wife knew him, but I did not), and when he learned I had a Model S, he asked me to help out. I'm telling you this because, when I win, I don't want anybody thinking the raffle was rigged. :)

Ah, yes; write off the $5K as part of the "prize expense", still leaves more "profit" than paying for the car. Doh. Me dumb, not thinka that.

I am in the Raffle.
However, does this have the twin chargers? 19" wheels?

Haha nice license plate. BZZZZZZZZZZZT


@lph, it has only the options listed, so single charger and 19" wheels.

As of this evening, the tickets are sold out.

So, your winner has bought a ticket. He/she just doesn't know it yet.

I already have a ticket. Just wondering.


Will someone post the lucky number here?

They will probably announce a name, not a number, but I'll post whatever I learn.

Curious; how many ticket buyers did you "proxy-friend" for? And will you get a cut if one wins? ;)


Well, a girl's gotta keep some secrets, don't you think?

@DouglasR - With a name like DouglasR, no, I wouldn't expect a girl to keep some secrets... :-o

Are there tickets left?

I had planned to drive to Seattle to buy a couple tickets at one of your public sales but I was ill for the past several weeks and ended up not visiting the forums or driving much.

Sorry Captain. They sold out a couple of days ago.

Thanks for the update. Maybe next time!

I wonder if Tesla reservation rates in Washington State will rise abruptly after the raffle is over.

I bet there are lots of future Model S owners out there holding their breath.

Good point! Not only the ticket buyers, but everyone who even considered it.

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