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TeslaTap – new website for desired features

We just released a brand new site,, for all of us Tesla fans. It covers desired features, undocumented items and modifications to your Model S. You can vote or comment on features or even add new ones.

It’s not a another forum (we already have two great ones) but we hope it complements what exists with a more focused look at items of key interest. It even has the novel idea of search!

Give it a spin and vote for those features you really want in your Model-S or X. It even keeps track of what features you’ve voted on, so later when you return you can list any new features you haven’t yet voted on. I think you’ll find it quite useful and should help influence Tesla’s future designs.

Interesting stuff. You might want to include the User Agent string in the undocumented section.

I believe the operating system of the screen is Linux. I thought I read that somewhere. Sorry, no authoritative source.

Takes forever to get registered on the site.

Hi Nick, Thanks - we've added the info to our Undocumented page!

Hi Objective1, Yep, we also believe the OS is Linux, but Android is based on Linux. I've added a few notes to clarify this.

Hi Brian, not sure what the delay is. Most users can registered in less than a minute. Maybe the email from got dumped into your spam box? I see you're fully registered now. We'll keep watching to make sure it's working right.

Love it! Nice place for Telsaholics like me to spend additional time while waiting for delivery.

Great site and idea.

You shold add this to the Modifications section:

Hi Petersv, Thanks for the mod idea and link. It's now added to our modifications section, Trailer/Bike Hitch

Great site. It can serve as a more efficient consumer research site for Tesla. We are all rooting for the company, and hopefully this forum and your website help them can get through their current period of growing pains to an even better product when its time for my number to come up!

Hi Brooklynrab, Thanks for the complement. We saw many, mostly confusing attempts to identify and vote for desired features, and it was obvious a forum is not the best way to build and communicate this kind of information. We hope our site goes a bit further in focusing features users want and helps Tesla further improve a great product.

We've updated the quick use guide (Guest/Valet/Car wash) app to show driving instructions in clear Spanish as well as English (the prior edition was just a poor Google translation). Go to:

From the user agent string I would guess that Tesla is using the Qt framework for Linux.

I wonder if anyone has requested the GPLed/LGPLed source code for their Tesla model S yet?

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