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Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

Heh. Hey, Julius, move the "h" around in "with". "Whit" does exist in English, but it means a tiny amount.

Give him a break, Brain.

Julius: "AND! Some one whit #1273 have been in contact whit TM.... So now I am happy, but confused!
If this is true and whit 100 cars/week it can be 12-13 weeks until I may sett my car in order."

This is just P1273 being moved to a vacant Sig-number. You sign up for a waiting list and pay the additional 200k-ish NOK for the spot if one becomes available (a Sig cancels or moves to the normal production series). He has not been contacted for finalization. I've not seen any over Sig 300 doing so yet.


#P1273 here - Totally correct - moved to a Sig-number and transfered the payment today. Will repost new sig# when Tesla have received my payment (by monday or tuesday), and will keep you all informed afterwards.

So far delivery window is estimated to July/August, however this could change slightly. Will know more when I have configured - which will be an easy and quick task. Going for Sig Red, Tan, CF, Pano and 21" grey.

For a little Poker, my guess is you will get Sig# 415 :)

Dear All, I have received first confirmation on my upgrade to Signature and received #416 this morning after payment yesterday.
Very happy whit this new sequence. Invitation for configuration will be within a few weeks and Tesla has a temporary stop of two or three weeks planned in sending invitations.
Kind regards


Thanks for the info/stats...

Thanks Jeroens, I am very excited about this upgrade you can imagine.


More than you can imagine. I upgraded too Signature #412 :)

What "break"? Helping a Norwegian use a common English word is not an attack. MYOB.


I got upgraded! Now Signature #411 :-)

deraaij: Congratulations. When did you apply for the upgrade?

glaserud: I put myself in august on the waiting list (16th) and got the call friday 22 feb, and my number on wednesday (27 feb).

Sounds like me putting myself on the list today is a bit futile, but hey, doesn't hurt.

does this mean that all EU signature reservation holders have been invited to configure up to now
either accepted or canceled their reservation as siganture reservation holder
number S411 S415 got their chance to get on the list and soon to configure the car

@Norbert.Vienna - You can't conclude that way. I think Signature reservation holders are downgrading to a production MS even before they are invited to configure. Partly to avoid paying extra for less, partly because it seems production cars are delivered very close to the signatures.

During the Get Amped tour in Copenhagen last weekend Esben Pedersen, Director of Tesla in Scandinavia told the crowd that the delays in getting the approvals in place for the EU model would only affect the first deliveries. After that production for Europe will ramp up even faster so later reservation holders would not be affected by the delay.

I found #419 on 'my tesla'

@ glaserud

Did the same early January. Got message that the list was long, but as you say, doesn't hurt.

"Jeg har nå satt deg opp på ventelisten for Model S Signature. Ventelisten er relativt lang, så jeg tror ikke det vil åpne seg noe opp, men hvis det skjer, vil vi ta kontakt med deg."

Have the Belgian Sig's started to configure yet ? I read that they had been delayed awaiting the setup of Tesla in Belgium. Anyone from Belgium reading this ?

@ Jackie.Hale : Belgium Sig #80 no configuration yet ;-(

@Brian H: Thanks! :-) I shall try to remember

Thanks and that sorry you have to wait so long.
Maybe the EU Sig waiting list game isn't over next week ;-)

I wish we could edit our submissions. When I now read what I wrote it doesn't seem to be what I thought I wrote !

To our friends outside the United States.... We are very happy for you to begin receiving delivery. It's been a long wait for many of us, and some of you folks have been on the list even longer.

If it makes you feel better, it's worth it. You'll love the car.

from a happy 60 owner

jovano / jackie.hale: I've seen one belgian spec invite over at (287). If you at 80 haven't gotten an invite, it might be about time to give Tesla a call?

FYI, this is my current list of specification invitation sightings:

Date Sig# Country
21.01 84 D
22.01 5 CH
24.01 12
25.01 147 CH
29.01 2
31.01 4 N
31.01 45 DK
31.01 52 N
31.01 60 N
01.02 46 S
02.02 37 NL
03.02 85
05.02 66 N
07.02 289 D
08.02 76 N
10.02 118 N
11.02 268
13.02 249 NL
14.02 280 N
14.02 283 NL
14.02 287 B
14.02 289
15.02 137 NL
28.02 344

@glaserud: Wow what a list. You are serious ;-)

I believe that Sig 287 was asked because TM thought he wanted to register his car in the Netherlands. But he wanted to register it in Belgium so as far as I know he is still waiting.

Also I think I have seen Sig #418 as the highest number so far this week. They were someone who posted and who was luckly to get a place via the EU Sig waiting list.

If these numbers are right this means we have to wait for approx. 82 more EU Sigs to be contacted plus those in Belgium to know if there are any more who are lucky to come from the EU Sig waiting list.

Revise that - I just saw #419 post.
They came from the EU Sig wait list.

Aah all this waiting is getting to me...I think I will go talk to my ducks. I need some fresh air ;-)

Isn't #419 the number on the signature queue that was given to one on the wait list? I didn't read that as that he had gotten a specification invite...

Heh. Timo once wrote, "I didn't quite mean what I tried to say." I'm still chasing that one round my skull.

Ah, finally something is happening! I ordered the production model in October 2011, European p536. That was a miscalculation. I have regretted ever since that I didn´t order a Sig. Then they were sold out before I got around to upgrade..

Somtime around Christmas 2012 I got fed up and signed in on the signature waiting-list. 3 days ago I got THE CALL! The money is sent. I have not yet received the production number, but I will keep you all informed. Its getting closer every day.

@arnebjarne: congratulations. Do you know what number you had in the waiting list ? I ask as I had put my name down in October 2012 and I was told last week there were still about 20 people before me :-(

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