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Tire Patch Kit recommendations

Given there is no spare, my delivery specialist highly suggested keeping a tire patch kit handy in the car in the event of a flat tire. Anyone have recommendations on the best one to get and it's approx cost?

While there are several brands of tire repair kits out there, the Tire Repair Kit in the Tesla Store priced at $50 is certified for use with Model S. The others might work, but you won't know until you need it and that may not be the best time to find out. If you live within a reasonable drive of a Service Center, they can order it for you and you will save the ridiculous shipping charges from the Tesla Store. That's what I did.

I just bought Fix A Flat Ultimate at Sears for $9.95 on clearance. Walmart sells the exact same kit for $29.95. It looks very much like the Tesla tire repair kit - possibly even made by same manufacturer. I expect that it is of the same quality and reliability as Tesla version (for $50 + shipping).

I picked up this which is very similar to the Tesla kit. Whichever one you go with, make sure it's compatible with the TPMS.

helpful hints, all. thanks!

That fix-a-flat kit is showing $23 at Sears online. Did you find it in the store for $10? Other than the color of the stickers it looks identical to the Slime 7 min kit on Amazon (right down to the 7 min claim).

I got this one:

Now all I need is a car. #3422, Red sorry your early rezzie isn't yet filled. hopefully soon to come. i switched from red when they told me it might be may/june if i remember correctly. got the blue much quicker (early march). i liked the red very much.

regarding tire kit, i'm trying to order with tesla since service center is nearby but also plan to order the slime kit listed above to see the difference and put in my wife's car ultimately.

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