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the Top 3 big's....

Honeymoon seem to be over.
Issues are coming up.
Without complaining and still hoping that the S is as good as we all hope(d); here are my No,No's which if not addressed will lead me to walk away.....

1. Door handles
2. Sunroof bar
3. Creep

@vouteb I still don't understand what you mean. The Jaguar XF, for example, creeps because it's only offered as an automatic transmission.

Most automatic transmissions today always apply torque to the wheels because of the way they're designed. There is no clutch to disengage.

Creep may be beneficial (I admit it's handy), but I don't think customers and see it as like a competitive "feature". It's just one of the things that makes an automatic transmission different from manual.

There are some people who don't like the AT creep:

And there are actually some types of AT designs that don't have creep.

And when I searched, I even found references to patents for devices to eliminate creep from AT cars.

I'm no expert on this stuff, but I think creep is just an incedental consequence of the way ATs work, not like a desired feature that they wanted to add to the car.

So again, I think it's great that Tesla can offer a customizable creep function, but not something that I would think of as "missing" in an electric car. The Tesla has no transmission. A creep feature would be entirely artificial. An AT car has creep as a consequence of the way the AT works, not as a design requirement.

it's already there and customizable.
The hill hold is not yet.

@ olanmills

"The Tesla has no transmission."

Please check the specs at:

Gear box..."Single speed fixed gear with 9.73:1 reduction ratio".

It's not really a transmission, just reduction gear. One gear, no clutch or anything. When you reverse you turn motor in opposite direction.

@olanmills: Creep is here, so we're back to 1 and 2

(Its a personal taste, so don't get too excited. Although the post DID generate quite some traffic)

Door handles still seems a tricky one.....

1. Door handles
2 Parking sensors(I was under the impression that it had it....!)

olanmills, interesting link, thanks for posting!

@olanmills: I have an XF right now (maybe that s why...)


Deal breaker in Quebec (Canada):

1) not AWD

After driving front and rear WD since 1985 and then AWD for the last 15 yrs, AWD is a must in this place.

Since no car has everything you want, you learn to identify what is important to yourself and live with the rest. It has been said before, it's just like a mariage.

Now I am waiting for the X AWD to come out...and the wait is excruciating...

jeanyvest, well... The Model S may be different. It has a far lower center of gravity, and most of its weight is located between the wheels, and evenly distributed front to back. Also, the electric drive train allows for far more advanced traction control than what you may have experienced in ICE vehicles. I'm not going to talk you into it, but I will say that you may be missing out on an opportunity if you give it a pass so quickly.

Many people from Canada and from the Scandinavic countries share your sentiments. There have been a couple of threads which you may find interesting to read. I compiled a short list here:

speaking of Jags, here's how you do door handles that work:

1. Door handles
2. Sunroof bar
3. Motorised door mirrors

1. Door handles
2. Parking sensors
3. Motorised door mirrors


It seems like #3 would only gain you an inch on either side of the car anyway. Worth it?

It seems like #3 would only gain you an inch on either side of the car anyway.

See this thread for an explanation:

@mrspaghetti: YES!

its more in centimeters!

vouteb - "2David M. : How do you know I am a 'he'?"

my bad - "she"

I LOVE creep. Thanks TM!
Hopefully the next change will be to fix the button on the steering wheel so that it advances to the next programmed radio station rather "search".
Parking sensors? Seriously? I guess I'm old school and I still get a thrill out of nailing a paralle parking job.
I pride myself at be really good at it, and frankly, it ain't that hard folks. Sad that all they are taking the fun out if life.

@Tomas - how about a wish-list item to enable the thumb wheel on the steering wheel to increase/decrease creep speed...? For those times when standard creep is that bit too fast/too slow. :-)

@DavidM: Gotcha!

I am a he!



That's just mean... :)

Joining the chorus....

Handles are only thing I can agree with; they are cool, to be sure, but that isn't a failure that I want to deal with when Murphy comes calling, and they will fail, cuz whenever you complicate something this simple, you leave yourself open to problems.

I have other issues that I find more pressing.

- Cruise control on an stick rather than on the wheel (too Euro for me)

- Column mounted "gear" select; I prefer it where my muscle memory says that it should be, low ready on the right side (I used to be a manual gear driver :) )

Naturally, I'll get used to it (as I did with the Roadster) but i don't have to like it.

--- Cherif

Yes it does. I used that technique in a parking garage that had steep ramps, and it worked fine. Haven't been back to try it again now that I have the Creep feature, but will report when I have a chance.


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