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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

Sig 95 VIN 17185 NL

That's a good number. That maybe means something good for Q2, because the VIN doesn't seem to be between the US-VIN's ...

Highest: VIN#17185 (The Froq)



Hello everyone, just a quick question what does this all mean for a regular investor? How does this impact Q2 results? I apologize for the amateurish question in advance

Ordered July 8, Confirmed July 12
VIN showed up on my dashboard this morning! # 17237

It suggests that the sales targets for this year (21K) are very conservative. 17K VIN currently - 2500 last year sales+ 2 quarters @ 5K minimum = about 24K minimum.

Brian H: they appear to be running at 450-500 per week. We have 23 weeks left (ignoring the holiday week at year end). That seems to imply at least 11000 more by the end of the year. More if they manage to continue to increase output... so yes, 24k-25k seems like a reasonable assumption.

Elon said 25k annual rate at Teslive...

People who took the tour reported the last week of June was 600 and two other weeks in June were around 542 and 550. Not sure how many of those shipped out in time for Q2, but I don't see how they won't be raising guidance for the year from 21k.

But you need to reduce projections by about 1k cars inventory for the Europe and Asia pipeline.

Inventory? Tesla car lots? Doubtful.

The 21K includes overseas no need to reduce........

Thanks a lot Brian!! Appreciate it!!

Ordered on July 9th, confirmed on July 12th.

VIN #17239 showed up on my dash on July 13th.

A boat is like a dealers lot... or do we fly the cars over one by one ? Be my guest to ignore it. Whatever you put in that pipeline is lost - because you have to replenish the pipeline - until you discontinue the model.

Yes, there will always (every week/month) be a number of Tesla EV's being shipped to the (country of) the owner.


Updated the spreadsheet (below). Please, folks, when you post your VINs, also please post the date that your order was sent to production (the date you "finalized" your order). Thanks.

I guess "in transit" counts as inventory. I imagine TM will try REAL hard not to have any afloat at period end, though!

Thank you cfOH, very interesting!



I just got delivery notification. I was originally contacted for delivery July 29. However, I just got a call last night and they moved it up to July 19. I guess deliveries are picking up speed.

Ordered June 8. Confirmed June 21. Delivery July 19 to Chicago. VIN xx15685

16047 built approx 7.12

So this article by Adam Betancourt (real name?) at Seeking Alpha is citing the weekly production numbers generated by my spreadsheet. Does Adam frequent these forums?

You'll Be Surprised By Tesla's Q2 Earnings

Highest: VIN#17239 (mclary)

Things are definitely leading to a very conservative 21,000 figure. Hopefully, the number will be above 24k. That would be huge!

The big thing that I'm looking for is the deliveries in Q4 of this year. The reason is that there was already a 20k+ built up demand from last year. Once these have been delivered, I'd like to see how the demand continues afterwards.

I for one have talked about my MS to at least a dozen people within the first 2 weeks of owning it. Hopefully, that is the same response others have. Even if we can get one other to buy per quarter, that could lead to a huge growth for 2014!


Does anyone know what Elon meant by saying that they will make all kinds of cars in Teslive. Could that be a hint for making vehicles for the army? It sounds right. If the army uses these old ICE that are much slower than these electric cars then it is at a disadvantage! I feel that Tesla could have a LARGE contract with the army soon, or better said I feel that it SHOULD.

Just imagine a tank that is quicker than a motorcycle!

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