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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

The "all kind of cars" was a reference to a Bloomberg interview, in which he said that with toungue-in-cheek, but the reporter still went with that quote.

@cfOH - The author misquoted your VIN tracking numbers. Issuing 17K VIN# does not equate to the same number of cars produced at this point in time.

The delivery of the 17xxx numbers won't be completed until August. So the author inflated the number quite a bit.

It is quite possible for TM to announce Q2 delivery of 5000 units with another 500 allocated for Q3 due to EU delivery in progress.

However, aside from the statistics, the over all article rings true. I believe TM will beat the street consensus and Goldman will reap a handsome profit once the next short squeeze is in play after Q2 release.

GS have been manipulating the market for decades. Yesterday's downgrade allowed them to accumulate while baiting the shorts to pile in again.

@Alaa - Elon was hinted at the various models TM plan to introduce when the factory is cranking out 500k per year. That will include MS, MX, M3 (gen3), M3X (gen 3 SUV), MP (pickup), MT (tanks).

You get the idea...


>>I just got delivery notification. I was originally contacted for delivery July 29. However, I just got a call last night and they moved it up to July 19. I guess deliveries are picking up speed.

Ordered June 8. Confirmed June 21. Delivery July 19 to Chicago. VIN xx15685

That's great news! I hope mine gets moved up too - still scheduled for July 23 at the Costa Mesa service center in SoCal.

Ordered June 14. Confirmed June 16. VIN 1550x.

It was a joke! He was commenting that he'd made the crack in a Bloomberg interview and was nonplussed when it was reported seriously. Lesson: don't tell smart jokes to stupid people. | July 17,2013

MS 85 black, Tech pac, Air Susp, twin chargers

06/08/13 Test drive
06/19/13 ordered
06/25/13 order confirmed
06/25/13 Received Vin ...6071
07/17/13 Received notice that my car would be delivered late July
07/30-08/13 promised

Brand new loaner that I'm driving: Vin 15,476
It has 43 miles on the odo when I picked it up yesterday 7/16/2013. I was the first customer to drive it.

I ordered one this past weekend. I ordered it the same day as I test drove it.

07/13/13 Test drive
07/13/13 Ordered
07/16/13 Order confirmed (I waived the 2 week wait)
07/17/13 Received VIN ...17,3XX
Estimated delivery late August

So far so good...

@earlyretirement If you don't want to post your VIN, can you email it to me? I will ensure that it is not visible on the production-rate estimation spreadsheet I'm maintaining. Thanks.

earlyretirement - Congratulations and welcome!

@cfOH - I just sent you an email. :)

@ Cattledog - Thanks so much! I'm eager to join the Club.

Thanks ER. Here's the update spreadsheet:

Ah, I'm so new to the board I've never seen this before. I didn't know this is what you used it for. It's really cool and useful information. I don't mind if you use my # in the future. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

@earlyretirement - we all made an investment into our and Tesla's future... so we just want to know how we are doing. Factory is pumping out cars, so I can sleep save and sound and enjoy my awesome car during the day.


I don't think it is a bad idea to sell to the army. Next door to us here in Egypt, Israel is using them already and have been for some time!

At any rate Elon can sell the batteries and the motor etc. just like he is doing with Toyota and Mercedes. Genral Dynamics will be happy to. An eletric truck for the army that will travell longer than gas when new more energy dens batteries are out and twice as quick is an advantage. It will be silly from the army not to use it.

Don't you agree?

The (US) army is also doing a lot with solar panels to get rid of diesel generators when possible, afaik. Using new battery technology there seems plausible to be helpful in several areas as well.
Aren't the costs for a/c going into the billions per month for the troops in the middle east alone? Or am I misinformed there? I better shut up. :)

I'm sure TM can sell an EV tank to the army for a 6000% markup like all the other military suppliers. If you can outrun everybody else, do you still need armor plated protection for the tanks?

I think an armored MX would be an awesome idea for the secret service to use. Can you imagine a fleet of these MX protecting our VIPs? Outfit them with a taser type protection on the frame of the vehicle and we're all set.

Let's go another step further and have a police interceptor version of the Gen3 while we're at it. It ought to be outfitted with the highest capacity battery and there wouldn't any car chases, ever. How many of those would all the PD purchase? Think of the cars featured in Robocop fast forwarded 30 years...

Let's not forget an electric 3 wheelers for the meter maids. They need some love too!

These are my crazy ideas for the morning...

Just got my delivery date of August 3rd!!!

Ordered on 7/5
Finalized on 7/6 VIN 16942
Delivery on 8/3

Red S85, tech, black leather/obeche wood matte, pano, sound system

TM has said the MS does not meet certain police requirements.

@tezzla, that is very quick turnaround. Are they building the car or did they source something out of inventory. I ordered my car 7/2, waived the two week change period, confirmed order on 7/5, and showing delivery in late August. I'm on the east coast so I know there will be transport time involved.

VIN 16477 p85+ green/black int w/cf/tech/prem sound/paint armor.

@Brian H - I suggested Gen3 for a police cruiser. It ought to be lighter, faster, and able to add a few more 12v batteries to run dedicated electronics...

@Mathew98 - Gen3 will not be faster... most likely it has a smaller engine ( X front engine ). Maybe they will come out later with souped up version, but from a general model policy it can not outperform the S.

Gen3 doesn't need to be faster than MS. It just need to be faster than ICE. It would be more suitable for the PD forces due to the much lower cost and more powerful than most ICE vehicles. MS is not a good match to the its sheer size and cost prohibited for the PD to use.


Did you think about taking out the non work days out of the week for the daily production number? i think i saw somewhere they only do 5 days a week. from your calculated number of 77 a day, that would mean you are taking into account the weekend days too.

@eddiemoy Since the regression extends over a two-month period, weekends/weekdays are already factored in to give an average daily figure. That average, when multiplied back out to a week, then accounts for that 5-day-per-week production schedule. Short of a proof, that's about as well as I can explain it.

@ironmikeii Building it, and I live in Los Angeles. My status shows Sourcing parts still, but my DS sent me my email tonight.

VIN 16116

Ordered 6/25
Confirmed 6/26
Delivery Date 7/25

I bypassed the first 2 weeks.

The anticipation is killing me. I find it hard to think about anything else. Any suggestions?

Despite my plea for consolidating delivery data in one place

"JoeFee | JUNE 8, 2013 p.2
So we do not have a proliferation of redundant threads (where is Volker B when you need him) please consider posting VIN’s here: (public over 800K pages views) instead of on this public thread …. sorry Whity Whitemanor! If you want a prviate thread please use: (private)"

I surrender and now have to pull data from 5 threads! The important thing is that new owners post VIN data anywhere they feel comfortable. I love the production-rate estimation spreadsheet …nice work Craig.

Joe Fee

@CfOH - Perhaps you can solve this for me. I picked up my MS on 6/15 with VIN# 1216x. I've seen reports of VIN# 1556x being delivered on 7/24 and VIN# 1611x on 7/29.

6/15 1216x
7/24 1556x 3400 delivered in 5 weeks
7/29 1611x 550 to be delivered in 1 week

Average form 6/15 to 7/29 is (3950/6) = 658 per week.

If week deduct 500 for EU delivery during this time span, we are still averaging 566 delivery per week.

I know this is a small sample set of data. Is this in line with your VIN# tracking?

Are my fingers deceiving me with this number?

I think that 1611X number is not typical. I'm a 1563X VIN and won't be delivered for at least another week. Latest update is it probably won't be out of production until Monday. I think I saw someone with a 157XX that will take delivery tomorrow at the factory. I'm really not sure how that 161XX snuck in there.

16961, Red P85, is scheduled for delivery on Monday, August 5.

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