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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

so, VIN's actually getting very important for investors forecast Q3..

I think, they are maybe overoptimicstic, because they claim, the european versions are different series.. but Tesla will have a record in quarter-sales of the S.


26001 Green pano P85+ 10-11-13

It would be helpful to post your VIN numbers with date assigned on
the thread started by cfOH. He is graphing them so we all get an idea of production rate at Tesla Motors. Thanks

If you want to post on this thread feel free to...but also post on

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So- with one months production/delivery/delay -calculation it will be:

VIN26001-2450(2012)-300(loaners etc)= 24251 sold cars on 11th november and then add 600 cars a week for about 7 weeks (rest of the year)...

4200+24250 = 28450 Sold cars in 2012

7000 more than in the last forecast!!!

28000 cars -ASP 80.000$ -20%BM
20.000$x28.000Cars=560Mio x 40(P/E) 23Bn $... exact the actual market cap...Hmmm- the market isn't that stupid

Whity: That would be great but probably a little optimistic. My most optimistic prediction would be 6500 cars delivered in Q3. Guidance of 21,500 for year (always guide low to beat expectations) with 2013 total deliveries of 24,000 with a build rate of 800/week by end of year to show that the prediction of 40,000 cars produced in 2014 is achievable.

So if this demo car was built 11/2013, why is it only 20421? Is everyone positive that these are sequential, and not ranges for certain models? If it's a range based numbering scheme, then the news feeding market speculation needs to be more socially responsible, before they tank a stock on conjecture.

Ordered in Oct 13, delivery probably march 14 VIN 31324

Hi, My european-60KW was assigned VIN 34530 on februari 13th, delivery expected early may! :)

My ViN is 32031 to be delivered March 19th in Fremont!

VIN 32897 (S85) due to be delivered on Mar. 29th in CT

@55steve...I received mine on March 19th of 2013 (7084) That's 25K in the last year. Congrats!!!

Our S will be delivered on March 8, VIN 32507. They called me about some upgrades that they wanted to do before delivery- this is exemplary customer service!!

@jparsey, we have March 8 delivery of VIN 32723, Model S85, blue, for San Diego delivery. Which model do you have, and where will you take delivery?

33401 due March 26

Just got my vin and taking delivery March 14, 2014. vin sequence. #:32642 Must say I love the forum, on it everyday

33865 S85 delivery date Mar 27th

34112 for s85 due to be delivered 3/29.

sbeggs- we have an all-red S85. Tesla made some changes for us at the last minute (their suggestions, we agreed) but this did not impact the delivery schedule. Our number is P32507. We have a delivery set for March 8th in Phoenix. The purchase is a bit more complicated in AZ relative to civilized states but the Tesla people have helped us through the paperwork issues, and the AZDOT lady was really helpful answering questions and tracking down the information for us (kudos to her!).
So, will respond into the forum after the delivery. Hope yours goes smoothly.

@huzz1970, they'll paint yours, then change over to blue for our S85 VIN 32723! We added twin chargers a couple of weeks ago. As of today, it's not yet in production. Good luck with your delivery and first grin! We'll also report on our delivery, which hopefully will still be March 8.

Mine seems like the youngest. 35244 to be delivered by 3/26 Fremont.

VIN 35668 assigned today (P85+ going to Canada).

No delivery estimate yet (I deferred until April).

VIN 35699 assigned today 2/25/14, order was confirmed on 2/21/14. Estimated delivery is "April" still have not received exact date. Deliver will be in Maryland.

VIN 35803 (S85 bound for Tennessee in April) assigned today.

VIN 36074 assign today

P85 black for Europe

vin 35254 Fremont pickup scheduled 3/29 @ 11AM

p85 blue - order was confirmed on 2/21 and I actually requested an April delivery!

VIN 34265, confirmed on Feb 7th and VIN received on Feb 8th. Scheduled for Florida delivery at Noon on 3/29. Had choice of either Dania Beach or West Palm Beach service center and picked West Palm. Silver S85 without Pano Roof but with tech package. the color wrong. It will be grey, not silver.

VIN 34411 Silver P85 to Costa Mesa scheduled for 3/28 delivery

I took delivery yesterday (Amherst, NY on 4/2/2014) although it was scheduled for 3/27. Mine is #34330.

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