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Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

My VIN 14631' lower than yours and yet yours is ready June 26??. My June 5'th confirmed order still has a status of confirmed and the delivery rep e-mailed me with an ETA of JULY 16-28
Simular config. Red 85, air suspension, tech, leather, 21". I live in Ky and don't think it will take two or three weeks to transport it.
So it looks like the VIN number sequence does not = production sequence..


They may have been prioritizing cars destined for California or factory pick ups as they know they can get them on to this quarters numbers. I am from California and designated a factory pick up.

Blue, tan, 60, tech package, air suspension - vin 16080 - no set delivery date yet. Estimated late July

Grey, tan, matte, 60, tech, air, pano, kids seats. No vin. No delivery date yet. Estimated late July.

@Wooly - Tesla build the cars in batches of color & options. The VIN# may not correlate to when the cars are actually built.

On the flip side, they are building them much faster so from receiving a VIN# to delivery should be less than a month.

I received my VIN on June 26th and they have given me a delivery window of July 26 - August 9. Sounds like 4-6 weeks is pretty accurate

1555x "entered production" email received today. Delivery range July 18-August 1. Ordered 6/17 finalized a few days later.


14901. I got my VIN today. Signature number 423 Europe, Norway.

@ arnebjarne

Does this mean that the production of the Norwegian Signature Model S's now really has started?

Not sure, I got the #220 (Norwegian) 60kW VIN at about 14300 a couple of weeks ago but no update in the status. Still only "confirmed"...

I´ve been waiting for 3 years now, purchased is in the US first and moved my reservation to Europe later on.....

I´ve been quoted July / August, and they still might be able to do LATE August, albeit delivery in July is not possible whatsoever... :)

Order confirmed today, VIN#16153. P80+, Blk/Gray w 21's. Anticipated delivery to Canada early August. I'm a tad excited

Order confirmed today, VIN#16152. 60, black, pano. Target ship date is end of July to SoCal.

Got my Delivery button today for VIN 1550X. 60, black, pano, in SoCal. July 18 - August 1. I'm so excited!

VIN 15747 P85+ Finalized June 21, got an email yesterday with an estimated pick up date of June 27-July 11. Seems a bit quick to me. Anyone has similar experience?

Finalized June 30, emailed yesterday with delivery estimate of June 20- August 3 for P85+. My VIN was 109 before yours. Any chance you are from Wyoming or are you Yao's brother?

A bit confused with your post. Can you please check the dates again?

Sorry, messed up the months. Finalized June 20 with delivery of July 20- Aug 3. So Wyoming? There are 4 here that I know of and we're trying to organize a charger club.

@ benz:

I prefer to believe that my car is in the production line as of right now;-)

@ arnebjarne

Will you be informed when your Tesla Model S will have been manufactured, and when it will be shipped (start its journey to Norway)? If so, then please let us know about it. Thanks

my vin# is 15448 but I have received no info on delivery dates


I take delivery tomorrow! Can't wait.

I actually live in LA and yoming is my chinese name (no relations to Yao). I'm still a bit surprised I'm scheduled to receive my car so quickly after finalizing it. Perhaps living in California is the difference.

That's amazingly fast. It gives me hope that if the delivery schedule allows, I may receive my car a bit sooner. Congrats!

The highest is: VIN#16153 (paul7200)


On TMC nirvanaman posted VIN#16160

VIN # 16186

145xx are on the road as of 6/29/30, ..... saw one today... Driver said he picked up this weekend!

This is an important thread.

A few posts per day with the higher VIN numbers could tell us something about the demand of the Tesla Model S.

Keep posting them in this thread.


Not many VIN numbers are being posted lately anymore.

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