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Using dryer plug?

I am seeking some advice as I have a bit of an interesting situation. Just finalized my car this morning with delivery window Feb - Mar which I am STOKED about. Having said that, I am also getting ready to move houses sometime in the next 2 - 6 months.

I would prefer to not spend the money to setup an outlet and then move a month or so later, especially since I am renting my house now and the elderly owners are a challenge to work with. But I do have a 240V dryer plug in the garage that I could use for the Model S by simply unplugging the dryer and plugging in the Model S.

Anyone doing something similar (unplugging dryer, plugging in Model S)? Am I headed down a bad path here?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

@gsajsboone - I think you meant 10-30 and 14-30

@dortor - no-one has ever seen these in the wild for the S. Can you post pictures? Are you talking about the Roadster adapters?

They have the right adapters, as I use an old dryer outlet that I moved from my utility room to my garage (the outside wall of my utility room is the garage). I had them order it for me when I picked up my car and its designed to lock into the charge cable. I would not recommend purchasing a third party adapter or making one since it will probably not have the ability to lock into the charge cable the way the Tesla supplied adapter does.

posted photos here - first time sharing with a "world" URL - please let me know if you don't have access…

updated flicker with picture of adapters and the bags they came in - bags are useful because they have the Tesla part numbers on them:

NEMA 10-30 Adapter Part #: 1016174-00-B Adapter, UMC to NEMA 1--30
NEMA 14-30 Adapter Part #: 1018243-00-B 14-30 Adapter

typo above - the "end" of the NEMA 10-30 part number should obviously be 10-30 - not 1-30 - apologies for the typo.

and just to be clear - the photos I posted are for the Model S - not the roadster!

Interesting note - when I was at the Menlo Park service center and asked about the Model S to Roadster charging adapter, after they finished laughing and stating they didn't have any, and they are very hard to come by - the tech notes that he personally knew a lot of Roadster Chargers up/down the west coast have been converted to J1772 plugs - his personal opinion was that in a year or two J1772 will take over most of the legacy Roadster charger installation base. I don't consider this to be any sort of "official" tesla position, but is probably not an unreasonable guess…

I would say the Roadster to Model S Adapter may become legacy over time and not be necessary.

Hmm, the roadster charges at 70a right? Presumably that would mean you would need twin chargers on board to use them, whether they were converted to J1772 or not.

And nice pics, thanks.

to fully utilize the Roadster charger you would need twin chargers, but even with a single charger you can still use a Roadster Charger - just not at it's full capacity. Most electrical systems can use "less" than the rated amperage. You have 15 AMP 110v circuits in your house that you often "under-utilize" with you 5 watt LED bulb plugged into it…

@shop - yes twin chargers are needed for any AC charging above 40A.

@dortor - thanks!! so they do exist. Good to know.

I'm sticking with the 14-50 extension cable and home-made adapter because I know the UMC on its own won't reach to my mother-in-laws dryer outlet. If I use the 14-30 or 10-30 adapters, I'd need a 14-30 and a 10-30 extension cable.

That's a good point Nick.

I just called my service center and am ordering the 10-30 and 14-30 anyways just in case my home made adapters go on the fritz. When you need charging, you need charging, and having a backup isn't a bad idea. Now all we need is a Tesla TT-30, Nema 5-20, and maybe an air conditioner plug or two and I think we'd be set. I'm heading to the desert this weekend and due to various circumstances, I don't know ahead of time what I'll be charging with so I'm going prepared. Wish me luck :-)


While it's true that a few of the Roadster charge stations have been replaced by J1772 stations, most of those Roadster stations were set up by private Roadster owners. I'm not sure who will take responsibility and pay the cost for upgrading them. I don't see TM doing it, and moreover, I suspect that whoever upgrades them would need permission to do it.

So far as I know, only Clipper Creek makes a J1772 station that supports charging above 40 amps. One interesting fact is that the Roadster will apparently choke on an 80 amp power source. That is, it will not simply limit the charge to the 70 amps that it needs, but rather will refuse to charge at all. Thus, while the Roadster stations could be replaced by 80 amp Clipper Creek stations, those stations would need to be derated to 70 amps in order for the Roadsters to use them. I don't think the Roadster owners who set up the charging stations would be willing to have those stations replaced by 80 amp J1772 stations unless the replacement stations were appropriately derated.

Flickr does permit linking, but they want Flickr labelling. The code they provide puts Flickr in the tooltip. It's in the Share menu; open a photo, and use "Grab the Link":

in HTML <img src="URL" width="600">

Darn; they've changed it again!! Hold a sec ...

Well, it seems that the "grab the HTML code" in your site is not live. Perhaps you have it restricted?
Here's a typed copy:
width="500" alt="">


typo. Try again:

width="500" alt="">

Another typo. Try again again:

More typos!

Bah. Got mixed in with the Help e.g.s
Here's the real code from your picture:

Tesla Model S NEMA 10-30 14-30 Adapters

To repeat: open the picture, select Share, and copy the HTML code block, complete.

Tesla Model S Adapters - NEMA 10-30 14-30 Plug Side

Brian, you make a very compelling case for the need to edit your own posts!

I was also able to obtain these adapters from the Fremont Service Center when I picked up my car on Sunday. The delivery specialist had never seen them before. I called ahead (since Service is closed on Sunday) and they had them waiting for me in the car.

If only it were possible. Had to try each variant, then discovered that I was using the wrong picture! Jeez.

I get my model s tomorrow and I am moving to another house in 2 months so I did not prepare this house with the recommended adapter....BUT I have a NEMA 10-30 30a 125/250v receptacle were the washer and dryer is....Does anybody know if I get an adapter could I make it work until I move out??

It seems to me, a reservation holder, that the car should come with every one of the adapters in a lunchbox kit.

Car doesn't come with a 10-30 adapter, but it is available now. Ask them to bring one with the car ($45) or order online. I charge with a 10-30 now and it works fine to get something like 200 rated miles overnight.

The Tesla 10-30 adapter will work as long as the dryer plug is about 20 feet from the Tesla charge port.

shop - good point. I was about to spend the money on the 6-50 and on the 10-30 adaptors, but decided instead to make my own 6-50P to 14-50R and 10-30P to 14-50R adaptors. This way I can use a 25' 50A extension cord and reach out to about 50' away. Both home made adaptors have worked fine so far.

@jemartin - I did exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason.

It is annoying to have to dial down the current manually though. I had failed to explain it clearly to my wife, and so when she drove the car back to my sister's house and hooked it up, it was charging for a while at 40A on a 30A circuit - the breaker didn't trip, so it was very fortunate that the wiring standards include a lot of margin and nothing bad happened.

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