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What do you do if you run out of charge?

Ok, it almost never happened to me but if you run out of gas you either walk to a gas station or call the auto club or a significant other (if you are willing to eat some humble pie). How about some suggestions for what to do if you run the limit of the battery. Humorous answers are ok too.

Just drive round the block over and over on low charge, then go to your driveway for the last mile and go back and forth till "dead"! Then, with your curiousity satisfied, you can just push it to your recharge hookup.


There is an app called plugshare for people who want to list their private chargers in case someone needs it. It also lists commercial chargers where you can pay for charge.

I have tow chargers - one at home and one at work - and both are listed as available for free. Just last week someone driving a Nissan Leaf called needing to recharge. He was about to run out of electricity and was able to make it to my work charger. I let him recharge and he was a happy camper.

We are a community so lets share.

I had a nightmare just this morning that I ran out of power in my Model S while driving to my folks house and I keep my twin charger coiled up in my garage at home. The alarm woke me before I had to come up with a solution.

I have a fifty foot 110 extension cord in my car for just in case. Real world only gets you 2.5 miles of charge per hour but it would be very poor planning for an early adopter to run out farther than one mile. Bad bad weather maybe.

This may be a real problem when "normal" people start driving. Lots of youngster run out of gas. This has improved in recent years with low fuel warnings and other idiot lights.

Plugshare and Recargo are my favorite new apps.

@william13. The 50 ft 110v extension cord will not work. With 110 volts, an extension cord (especially one of that length) reduces the power to the point below the car's minimum threshold.

Wait for a thunder storm, raise your lightning rod, and ...

@Peter Sprigel: that depends entirely on the quality of your extension cord. I have a 50' 10/3-gauge extension cord that is far beefier than standard Romex. It works just fine. (Various suppliers available on Amazon; search for "10/3 extension cord") The 12/3 version should work, too, at about half the cost ($40 for 12/3 vs. $80 for 10/3).

kent... FYI. You can't actually TOW the Tesla... car has to be on a flatbed. Towing will damage the car.
Page 30 of the manual.


@RobertBoston. Thanks I guess I need a beefier" cord!

Things like this make me happy that here in Australia a standard Powerpoint is 230-240v 10A. Worse case plug in for a slow charge at about 10-12 km/h. The downside is that we don't have high current 'dryer' sockets.

I'm putting a Segway X2 (detachable handlebar & wheels fold) in Trunk with Golf Clubs in Frunk. If the batteries on the Model S run out of juice, is there a way to trickle the energy in the Segway X2 into the Tesla? Hmmm....

Just use a rope tow. ;p

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