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What is the timeframe and scheduling for everything!?

Hey everybody. I am reservation number 13,927. I made the reservation on November 14th. When should I expect to design my Model S and submit it for production? When should I expect to actually get the car? Maybe also list your timetables and experience! Thanks!

An optimistic guess would be you'll get your 'It's time to build email' around Feb/March, with a May/June delivery. I think Res # 9000 got the 'time to build' email last week; figure 1200 or so per month from now on.

The two threads try to keep track of the development and extrapolate to make informed guesstimates about future deliveries:

Actually 1600/week

Oops - 1600/month

Actually, 1733/mo. at 400/wk. That's one shift maxed out. But Elon intends to be above that level by Dec. 31.

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