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What would you trade your Model S for?

What would you trade your Model S for?
Here are the rules:
1. You cannot say another Tesla past, present, or future.
2. You cannot say any of Elon Musk's companies or stocks (Tesla, Solar City, Space X,) past, present, or future.
3. It has to be a real product that can be purchased today
4. The value of it cannot exceed the price you paid for your Model S
Disregard this one :) 5. The answer cannot be "nothing"

Updated Rules;
OK, I'll ease up on the game a bit.
5. If the answer is nothing, then write your explanation.

A small pot o' gold. Preferably at the end of a rainbow with a leprechaun in tow.

A trip to the international space station for a week. I get my Tesla back after.

A trip at light speed to nearby solar systems. One way ticket is just fine, in case round trip is sold out.

You can have my tesla when you pry the wheel from my cold dead fingers

Would that be after a car-diaccident arrest?

5. Nothing.

It took nearly a decade to find a car that I liked better than my last car. The Model S was the only car that could steal the show from my old gal. Manufacturers were just cranking out wimpier cars with more fluff and flash than substance.

I can't imagine anything that I would trade the Model S Sig P for. I felt the same way about my old car. My spouse was begging me to let the old gal go, her maintenance was getting really expensive. I couldn't stomach the thought until I set my eyes on the S Beta.

Many months later I got to test drive my car. I knew it had potential. The torque and responsiveness that I thought was irreplaceable was suddenly surpassed! Now, after over 7 months of adventures we have bonded. We will now be able to merge effortlessly for years to come.

@Henry - I'm sorry, you're right. No fair trying to pass wooden toes.

@Brian - it hurts!

I've been interested in cars since the late 50's. I get 7 car magazines a month. Because I'm old and have a suit, when I walk into a car dealer they let me take a test drive in anything I'd like, and I take advantage of that fact. My friends kid me that I'm a salesman's worst nightmare---a guy who wants to drive but doesn't want to buy. When I get a car that I like, I continue to drive until I find something better. My last car was the best car ever made and I kept it 20 years, in spite of buying a couple of cars to replace it and finding they weren't as good as the old car. Finally the old car got so long in the tooth it was time to say good-bye. I desperately wanted a Bentley Continental GTC convertible.

Although I wasn't going to spend $200,000, you can find all you want with under $10,000 miles for between $100,000 and $120,000. I am bi-coastal and can take advantage of the winter blues in NYC and the Hamptons when people get rid of the convertible that they thought they'd love and didn't. In LA, we can take advantage of people who bought on a promise that didn't come true.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Palm Dessert and a guy in a triple black GTC pulled up next to me. Prior to my model S, I would have been envious. Now, I just felt sorry for him.

The short answer is I wouldn't trade the car for anything. I'm letting all my automag subscriptions lapse. I'm sure I'll have to leave this car to a grieving relative. (Who probably won't be grieving when he gets the car.)

To an exultant relative? 8-p

A Honda?

But the incoming HondaJet, IF I actually had a pilot license, but since I don't have that credential, I guess the Model S is as close, now, to THAT OTHER fantasy.

And this very morning was our first actual use of our multicoat red, 85kw standard, torch, air suspension, leather, upgrade sound, and dual charger Model S. it was delivered to our house 5 weeks ago and has been awaiting our return from my Spring semester Fulbright Scholar appointment in Warsaw, Poland.

Sorry for the hard rules. I had to set them so that we didn't get a ton of responses saying I'll buy another Tesla, I'll buy their stock, I'll trade for something more expensive and buy a Tesla, I'll trade for a teleport, etc.

Thanks for playing the game.

It proved the following points.
1. The Model S is their top choice of cars currently available
2. The owners are very satisfied with their purchase
3. There is no better product or comparable product for the price (possibly even twice the price)
4. We don't like rules and sometimes don't obey them. LOL

When my wife and I were first married (1971) we were strolling past a Porsche dealership. A walk after diner was the only entertainment we could afford at the time. The salesman came out and I quickly told him we could not afford a car like he was selling any time soon. He smiled and said to see him when we could.

My bride told me, 'Someday we would get one". You know how it is for most of us - a house, getting your child/ern through college etc. Needless to say we never did get one. But, after we had our test drive we ordered our 'S'. I told her I would never ask for a Porsche again. End of story.

He is asking the questions to owners assuming they've had their car for a bit. Ask a kid if they want to go back to the toy store after playing with their new toy for a few hours and most kids would in a heart beat. So your analogy fail because of this. My car is six months old and has covered 8500 miles. There is no other vehicle that can replace it under the sun. They'll have to cut my cold dead fingers from the wheel.

It long since would have been sufficient to mention you were returning from Warsaw without the credits and reasons.

Hard for me to believe that there are people who would trade their Tesla for an ICE vehicle!


I would trade it for a specificl job.

Personal Assistant to Elon Musk. Salary: $125,000 a year.

Being around a visionary of his caliber on a daily basis would likely provide the same level of joy and excitement as driving a model S. Duties would ofcourse include being his chauffeur. (Hmmm, wonder what kind of car I'd need to drive? )....... Just sayin........ Just doing my job.....

Jackie :-)

Ooh, me too, me too!

Hey Elon, I want to be Engineering Director of new car development. I have the credentials. All I ask for is competitive pay and a company car (a Tesla of course). You know how to reach me.

A nice home and retirement on the island of Kauai.

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