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I have been asked "when did I first know about the Tesla s"

I thought 2 to 3 years ago,which was questioned

Is my memory playing tricks on me ?

Tell me when did we first here about the S

and where was it we heard about it


I have kept an eye on Tesla myself for many years (closer to 4 or 5 years at this point). I guess because of my previous position at a Venture Capital Firm in the Bay Area I had access to more information then the average bear. I have been hearing mumblings of a more affordable car out of Tesla before they even started taking orders for the Roadster.

That "more affordable car" is in one of the oldest blogs in site.

The old Whitestar, that's what the Model S was called while it was initally being conceptualized.

Unhappily, I've no idea when we first heard of it, my memory is short and shot respectively :P

Well now, I feel less privileged all of the sudden! :D

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