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Who gets the first S in WA?

Who is going to get the first model S in Washington ? My number is 296 for a signature S that is due in August . Someone must have a lower number than that and has made the big commitment. What reg number and date do you have?

No VIN yet for me. 10/22-11/5 window.

I contacted my delivery specialist and requested the VIN from him by email. He sent it to me. I think Tesla will be handling the licensing, so they will need to be aware if you are financing the car to get the licensing paperwork right. Your delivery specialist probably can help you with that. I'd email him and let him know. If I get any update I'll post it here as I'm financing part of the car and will need to go through the process as well.


I appreciate it. Thank you. I'm financing through First Tech CU and they said that they do titling as well.

No VIN yet for me either. 10/29-11/12 per my email. Trying not to think about the reported recent email saying "add two weeks due to supplier delays".

Anybody here get such an email? I'd prefer to think its only for those further than 1000 miles from the factory :)

No delay notices here.
I saw one California buyer with a short delay notice.
Could be car specific.

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