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Why did you reserve a Model X?

I just put down a deposit, and it may be helpful for others to understand why. I'd like to start a thread for reservation holders to chime in on what features sold them.

We are currently driving a three series BMW, which was bought new and is now almost 10 years old. My wife and I have one boy, and identical twins on the way and as a result have test driven a number of vehicles that would allow three car seats in the second row. These types of vehicles are quite limited, even within the minivan market, and others are simply enormous (Yukon). It is expected the Model X will be able to fit three car seats. The falcon doors give us a ridiculous amount of headroom to better be able to strap in the middle car seat. The amount of STUFF one needs to bring along with just one child is high, with three I feel like we need a trailer. The larger cargo area will come in handy. It is a highly functional and useful design for our lifestyle.

My test-drive with the roadster was amazing. Driving purely electric is a completely different and preferable driving experience for me. I feel the same amount of driving passion as I did the first time I sat in an M3. Never having to breathe in gasoline fumes at a gas station and being able to juice-up (am I the first person to say juice-up instead of tank-up?) from home are obvious and often repeated benefits as well. Lots of other reasons but the ones I listed were the major ones. I intend to keep this car at least as long as the BMW.

Why did you reserve?

I have been on what now feels like a quest to get a fuel efficient AWD vehicle for over 10 years. My best stab at it was to buy one of the first Highlander Hybrids in 2006 which I still have. One of the features I like best and worst about the vehicle is the third row seat. I use it about 1 out of every 9 days which is plenty to justify it. However it is difficult to get in. Add to that the AWD is all that good, the mpg are not all that good, and the handling is pretty bad as are almost all high center of gravity vehicles and you could say I feel luke warm about the vehicle. However, without going for a gas guzzler or something that does even worse in the snow and road ruts there has been nothing to replace it. The Model X solves all my problems. It blows away every other car I have had or considered for my needs. My two hopes when it comes out is that it has reasonable ground clearance at speed and they do not raise the price so much that I can not afford a duel motor version. Oh yeah, and I wouldn't mind an option for sliding doors at all. I would pay extra for them!

anton.arnesen | 29. Januar 2013

First and last give-away from the tax-thristy Norwegian government ever.

No cartax (normally based on HP,weight, emission etc.)
No VAT (25% on top of the sales price pluss car tax)

This in addition to all the benefits that come along with the Tesla X.

For all other than Norwegians, this is impossible to understand.

Here is an example of an similar diesel car:

Sale price $120.000,-
VAT (25%) $30.000,-
Car tax based on HP, weight, CO, NOx etc -> $133.000,-
Totals -> $283.000,-

EV are without VAT & tax for a limited period as an incentive.
Politically agreed to last until 2017, but I think it will end before. It is too good to be true…

Wow, that is a lot of money. All Norwegian people should make a reservation for a Model S/X as soon as possible. As it will be too expensive later on.

I love my S and will probably keep it, but the AWD X solves my snow-day issues: the S is not nearly the secure winter driver that my Acura RDX has been. If Tesla announces an AWD version of the S before I finalize my order for the X, I may go with that, instead. Either way, I get to say goodbye to the RDX.

Another reason to say goodbye to your Acura RDX is that it is not an EV.

I wanted first to buy the S but our "kids" 15 and 19 years do not fit comfortably in the rear seats. The X will hopefully have more space in the second row. Since I live in Norway I hope Tesla will make the falcon doors optional so that snow on the roof and ski rack mounting are no issues. If Tesla add a trailer hook on the X the car will be perfect for an active outdoor oriented lifestyle. The deposit is for me a ticket in the Line for a next gen. Car. If Tesla delay the X launch in Europe until mid 2015 i will at some point most probably reclaim the deposit and buy something else

Go ahead and buy something else then as it has indeed been pushed back to 2015. US production might happen in late 2014. We'll see about that though, I'm not confident.

After in Austria we have a Tesla Company and a service point i will reserve one. Before its not the best idea to buy a car without availible service. Without a Supercharger its not possible for me and my driving style to drive to the next one in germany and if the car does not drive anymore noone will help me now . . . so its time for wait....

Reserved a SigX. I think it will be much better than the Model S:
1. Sitting straight and higher is comfortable, improved visibility.
2. Passenger capacity of 7 adults is important when I have guests.
3. Larger luggage capacity is necessary with kids. Got to take 4+ suitcases, large ice cooler, bikes, etc.
4. AWD is important here with wet slippery roads
5. Electric doors is important for kids. Otherwise, they do not shut them, or is shut partially. Drive by the school and just open the door with a button, drop the kid, and close the door, without getting out. Easy to get it or out, unlike a regular SUV.

I had reservations about range even with the 85 KW-hr battery. However, with the Supercharger network will be deployed by the time I get the Model X. Would pay for a larger battery. Always helps.

The Model X has more cargo space, without the last 2 rows, you can transport every equipment, that i need in my business. For example to deliver a rack-enclosures to my customers. In my Toyota Avensis its no big Problem to put it in, the back door is open hole the time, but the point is, i must be able to deliver it. In the Model S there is no way. The loading size have to be 29.8" (756mm) x 47.2" (1200mm) x 89.5" (2273mm), 351 lbs (159 kg) and if the back door must be open, this is no problem for me. In case of this kind of heavy size i deliver in not more then 30km.

Before i make my final order, i will check this loading space and the removable back seats. Without that i have to chancel by reservation.

1)I will be trading in my minivan
2)the pending demise of the gas auto will be obvious to everyone in the USA by the end of 2014 when supercharging stations will cover 98% of the country.
3)I live in the state of texas and not everyone here likes big oil and dumb politics

Need an AWD SUV to replace the dying Suburban, and after going electric with a Model S, there is no other choice....

+1 Rdalcanto, just replacing a different gas guzzling SUV

I ordered Model X soon after received our Signature Model S last year. My wife and I alternate driving the Model S (whichever of us drives further that day gets the Model S), so with Model X she can drive Model S and the Dual Motor AWD vehicle will be mine.

Reserved my model X, I want a big SUV / Crossover type vehicle with space,comfort, speed and cool factor.

I haven't yet reserved the Model X. Call me crazy but I actually need to test drive a car and see it in person before I buy it.

I know it will be fabulous but when I haven't seen it and I don't know how much it is, I'll wait to see those things.

But I definitely plan to replace my Audi Q7 TDI that we have with the Model X.

I would "reserve" it, just to save a spot in the production line, and then when its available to see and test drive, make the decision to continue with the purchase process, or ask for my money back. If you have $5000 (or $40,000, or whatever it is), to keep tied up for over a year.

That is what I am probably going to do tbh. Only the $5000 line though.

Now you can call me crazy! LOL.

NEVER in my life did I ever think I'd reserve/order a car without test driving it! Well, I guess there is a first time for everything.

Just put down my deposit for the X. Reservation # 5,874.

In speaking to a few friends that DID see the car in person they raved about it. Almost all of them said that they didn't think they would like it or want to like it they did. And some said they liked it more than their S!

I totally am in love with the drive experience of the S. The X will be for my wife as we have an Audi Q7 TDI that we really have enjoyed and it's been trouble free. But as Elon mentioned in his presentation when he presented the X, there is almost no space in the rear when you have the third row up. The 3rd row does fit our young kids ok but it leaves NO room in the back.

Elon pretty much nailed it when he said there is no room in the back with the 3rd row. I also believe if I'm not mistaken Elon also owns a Q7 like I do so he speaks from experience as well.

I hope some things are optional. For example, I'd rather not have the falcon wing doors. Yeah, they are cool but for an SUV, we use the optional roof rack when we go up to Lake Tahoe. It seems like a shame to make it so you can't use optional roof racks when you go up in the mountains for skis, etc. If you use the third row there won't be room for skis, etc. So hopefully they make that optional.

I also believe that Tesla will learn a thing or two based on complaints from the Model S. They REALLY need to add in these things standard:

- Center Console
- REAL cup holders (and not an afterthought) for the 2nd and 3rd row passengers
- Lighted vanity mirrors
- Grab handles in the front and back for passengers to get in and out and dry cleaning, etc.
- More storage via the side doors which is wasted space

I'd have to believe they will drastically improve some of these things and learn things from complaints/problems in the S.

TM engineers have leaked that they have a secret brilliant innovation to cope with skiis.

@ Brian.

Oh great! I haven't followed any of these threads on Model X to be honest. I'll start now. Wow it will be painful waiting until 2015 which sounds like realistically when these will come out.

But that's GREAT news about the roof rack. That was one of the only big negatives for the SUV I could think of. If they can solve that (plus add in some more range on the battery) that would be fantastic!

I've been driving a 2-door 335i for the past 4 yrs and have enjoyed it.
But 6 months after buying the BMW, I found out I was pregnant ... SURPRISE!
And even though everyone thought I would switch over to at least a 4-door sedan, if not an SUV ... I never did. I didn't want to give up my 335i so soon, and besides there was never a 'cool' SUV that I really loved ... until now :-)

So today, on my 45th Birthday, I reserved a Model X (#5908 for Chicago) and didn't tell a soul.
Except ya'll :-)

So now I can continue to be a 'cool' soccer mom!
Happy Birthday to me! :-)))

Unborn and already a 'cool' soccer star! ;)

Congrats on both new additions and the birthday EdieMilo!


I just put down my reservation for Signature X Model#911. I've always preferred SUVs and after going from Range Rover to Diesel Mercedes GL, I said my next car would be a hybrid (I didn't think EV would be a possibility), and I couldn't be happier. That said I do have some concerns/reservations. First I looked at a a video, and it looked like the seats slide forward and back but don't fold down. Can anyone confirm which if any row folds down? Second I love listening to music on my iPod but was told it won't transfer to the screen on the S, could this change for the X? Thirdly and this is minor, but why wouldn't they offer cupholders in the back seats, people shouldn't have to put stuff on the floor.

I do live the spaciousness though, being able to walk in easily into the car, the range seems good enough although I worry about getting stuck in traffic as my range goes down and not being close to a supercharging station. Either way I couldn't be more excited about the car.

I'd love to hear everyone's story.

Best regards.


Loved the Model S, but found it too hard to get in and out of. I also had trouble seeing out of the windshield to see traffic lights and over head road signs. I do not like having to bend forward and look up to see them. It was not a deal breaker as I had the same issues with my Corvette. However, if I was going to plunk down $80+K on a car I really would like to not have to deal with these issues. So I picked the Model X.

I like that the X will sit higher and hopefully have more ground clearance. So far we have three known batteries packs damaged and two fires cause by road debris. Two were damaged by the hitch that goes in a receiver. I think that the Model S, especially with the air suspension that lowers at highway speeds, is a little too low in my opinion.

Of course it would be nice to know how much these thing will cost...

Yes, second and third rows fold down flat.

Thanks for the info rdalcanto!

Primetime98, If you are stuck in traffic, you are not using much of your battery's charge. It is very minor what you are using on radio and air.

Yes, idling ICE cars are far more likely to run out before a MS.

Reserved an X because:
My S has been an amazing machine.
She drives a beast Escalade and is getting tired of it. So this is our chance to go all electric.

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