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My FastTrack didn't work on the first try with my new Model S. I may have a dead battery, but does the Model S have a metal oxide windshield? That could also explain it.

Yes, coating seriously restricts EZPass and like devices...use to search forums.

Look at too and search forums--lots of info.

I live in FL and will be taking delivery in a couple of days. Looking at the SunPass website it lists the Model S on the list of vehicles that will not work with any of the windshield mounted options and would require a front plate mount. I have heard of it being mounted behind the nose cone successfully.

Yes-you can mount the transponders behind the nose cone. Search the TMC forums....

@ScottEV. I live in Florida and I have been using the original Sunpass (the big one with batteries and display) mounted to the right of rear view mirror stalk with no problems

I live in Jupiter, FL. Brought my MS to the dealer with the under-the-hood Sunpass and they installed it for me.

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