The Roadster 3.0 package applies what we've learned from Model S to Roadster. No new Model S battery pack or major range upgrade is expected in the near term.

On the one-year anniversary of Tesla’s Cross Country Rally, we set out to drive non-stop from San Jose to Los Angeles on a single charge in a prototype of the Roadster 3.0 upgrade.


Battery technology has continued a steady improvement in recent years, as has our experience in optimizing total vehicle efficiency through Model S development. We have long been excited to apply our learning back to our first vehicle, and are thrilled to do just that with the prototype Roadster 3.0 package. It consists of three main improvement areas.


Many Tesla Roadster owners began their electric vehicle experience with that car and then, after falling in love with the mind-bending acceleration and long range, add a Model S to their garage. I did the opposite.

A single blogger is spreading a rumor about electric vehicles becoming inoperable. “Bricking” is an irrational fear based on limited information and a misunderstanding of Tesla’s battery system. Here is why the rumor is unfounded:







PALO ALTO, Calif. - Tesla Motors announced today that the iconic Tesla Roadster is now available with new innovations and options, but only in limited markets. The last version of the historic, limited-production electric supercar will only be available in Europe, Asia and Australia.


With more than 1,800 Roadsters circling the globe, and at least one in almost every state of the union, the Tesla fanbase that seems to surprise most people is Texas. Home to the oil industry and criss-crossed with long empty stretches of highway, it doesn’t seem like an automatic fit for electric cars. But the dozens of Tesla owners who live there beg to differ -- and will prove it to you if they need to.

Any Tesla owner will tell you there are a few questions they are commonly asked about the Roadster. If someone is unfamiliar with Tesla, the first question is sure to be: “how fast does it go?” The Roadster just looks fast. I typically end my answer with: “and it’s electric!” Shocked, their response is almost always: “wow, but how far does it go?”


HONG KONG – Hong Kong's growing number of Tesla Roadster owners have organized an all-electric endurance rally in Hong Kong on the 26th of June. The owners aim for this to be the most fuel-efficient rally ever in Hong Kong, and to demonstrate that the region's size makes it ideally suited to be a pioneer in the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Proceeds from the rally will be donated to the victims of the Northeastern Japan earthquake through Civic Force, a Japanese non-profit organization established by Tesla's first Roadster owner in Tokyo.


KARLSRUHE, Germany – Hansjörg von Gemmingen, owner of the 83rd Tesla Roadster delivered in Europe, has racked up 100,000 zero-emissions kilometers – the greatest distance covered by any Tesla customer to date. Proving that the electric Roadster excels as both a supercar and daily driver, von Gemmingen drives it consistently, charging every night with a standard household outlet.