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In 2025 one should be able to find a Supercharger within a distance of max. 80 km from any chosen location in Europe and the US.

Technology is for the conveniance of the people. And if we have a certain technology (fast charging with Superchargers) that can be used today, then why should we limit the use of it?

What is more conveniant for the people? If something they want is only available in a few locations (FAR from where they are)? Or if something they want is available at more locations (NOT FAR from where they are)?

Something good should be widely available. Therefore, I think it would be better if the netword of Superchargers should be intensified. I think that in 2025 the distance inbetween Superchargers should be not more than 80 km (50 miles). For the conveniance of the people. This is important to make the shift towards mass acceptance of EV's in the future.

It looks doable to me based on the already declared rate of installation of superchargers.
Then if you were to include CHAdeMo chargers which can already deliver 50 kw/h (a little over 1/2 as fast as a supercharger) to the model S today (when Tesla decides to implement it in the US), then it is quite likely that we will see a much denser population than that.
It appears that japan is already far past that density and some European countries have also got close already.

The success of EV's depends on (among other things) how much time it takes to charge an EV. It is very important that the charging time is as little as possible. Because convenience is very important to people, as most of the people (not all) are impatient by nature. Therefore I think that Superchargers are the best option to fast charge an EV. But OK, I would not mind if CHAdeMo chargers are included as well.

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