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Aftermarket Spoiler

My MS85 arriving in a few weeks. Wish it had the spoiler option. Has anyone purchased and installed the Unplugged aftermarket spoiler? Curious how it looks. It's not possible to purchase from tesla directly w/o having a P85?

Thanks guys. Appreciate the input.

Are you looking for another source for a MS spoiler?

Actually any source. Just curious if anybody else has ventured into aftermarket spoilers and their experience? Thanks for the link dkondo6!

Check out

Whatever you decide, please keep in mind that your decision is based on your perception of what looks good. Spoilers on the Model S do not have any beneficial effects until you are well over legal speeds. At legal speeds to modestly over legal speeds, a spoiler will add to your drag, thus reducing performance, range or both. Me? I like the looks of the S without a spoiler, especially since I know of its less than helpful side effects.

I would leave the spoilers to the Honda/Acura crowd.

The spoiler built into the rear hatch of every Model S is, I suspect, all the spoiler it needs, as undoubtedly confirmed by wind-tunnel testing. I have a P85 and I ordered it as delete-spoiler, even though I still had to pay for that stupid tchotchke.

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